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As a health teacher, you need instructional materials for health education in order to make your class a success. Books, videos, ...

As a health teacher, you need instructional materials for health education in order to make your class a success. Books, videos, posters and hands-on materials all make great resources for teaching health education.

It's helpful to have a general idea of what you plan to teach when thinking about the instructional materials for health ed.

Before you purchase health education instructional materials, think about:

1. How your students learn. Students learn in a variety of different ways. Some are visual learns, for example, while others are auditory learners. Make sure that you choose health education teaching materials that satisfy all types of learners.

2. Your budget. Schools often have tight budgets and health education isn't often a top priority. Ask your principal what your budget is before you buy teaching materials for health education.

3. The classroom set up and resources available to you. Every classroom is different and you need to think of ways to work with what you've got. For example, do you have access to a television so that you can show health education videos in class? Can you hang up materials on the wall? These will affect the types of things you purchase for the classroom.

Start with the most basic instructional materials for health education

Perhaps the most important resource for any health teacher is a solid curriculum that helps teachers understand what to teach and when to teach it. This easily guides you through the process and saves you time.

Look for health educational videos to show in class

Most students appreciate viewing videos in class to help illustrate key points to the lesson. They are also useful to have when a substitute teacher comes due to an unexpected absence. Create a small library of age-appropriate videos.

Purchase visual instructional materials for health education

Many students need to be able to see things in order to properly understand them. A variety of visual aids in the classroom helps you to meet the needs of your students.
  • Teaching materials for health ed should supplement regular teaching methods, not act as a replacement.

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