Instructional Materials for Special Education

By Cheryl Bridges, writer
Jul 31, 2011
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Discover the latest creative designs in special education materials

Implement personalized programs for your students with instructional materials for special children. Teaching materials for special education are professionally designed to foster the various learning techniques employed in the special needs classroom. Specialized manipulatives, workbooks and videos focus on specific skill sets. Special education materials also offer success-oriented adaptations and cross-curricular activities to promote child-centered programs.

Use instructional materials for special education to meet the requirements of inclusion, mainstream and individualized education programs. Special education teaching materials can consist of services and modifications within standards-based curriculum, supplementary aides and specialized resources to support student participation.

Whether you are organizing an IEP or planning your classroom curriculum, review these teaching materials for special ed:

1. Order from online catalogs for the latest special education materials.

2. Use specialized supplemental teaching materials from special education publishers.

3. Get instructional materials for special ed multimedia programs.

Find classroom gadgets and toys from special educational materials suppliers

Suppliers of special education instructional materials offer resources and supplies for individualized learning programs including gifted student with disabilities and English language needs. Look for companies that staff experienced special education professionals and provide tested and approved supplies.

Consider special education instructional materials to supplement standard curriculum

Special education publishers make commercial and educational products available to children and adults with disabilities. Find everything from abridged texts and specialized reading series to workbooks and technology tools. Special needs publishers focus on products that support self-direction, early intervention and inclusion teaching models.
Gallaudet University Press offers print and electronic media for people who are deaf or hearing-impaired. Publications include informative materials about sign language and building student confidence, as well as the history of education for deaf and hear-impaired learners.

Look for multimedia providers of special education instructional materials for special children

Special education multimedia programs provide peer-oriented visual and hands-on training for real-world skills. Supplemental series are geared toward achievement outside the classroom and occupational goals including reading and writing for children and adults.
  • Join professional organizations offering support and instructional materials for special education teachers.
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