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The intermodal motor carriers career field is ever-changing, and requires that all players in the industry follow the letter of the ...

The intermodal motor carriers career field is ever-changing, and requires that all players in the industry follow the letter of the law, employ best practices and stay up-to-date when it comes to changing regulations. Whether managing large fleets within intermodal trucking companies or connecting freight and haulers internationally, you've got to keep learning to be successful in the intermodal freight business.

While intermodal carriers include air, maritime and intermodal trucking carriers, the trucking leg of intermodal transport is unique. It features three distinct areas of educational opportunity:

1. Learn all you need to know as an owner-operator to break into the intermodal trucking scene.

2. Arrange for the skills necessary to act as an intermodal freight agent, and get the certification to prove it.

3. Take advantage of intermodal motor carriers education and training opportunities for owners and employees of large intermodal operations.

Run solo with self-employed intermodal carrier education

An independent intermodal trucking carrier is a pioneer in an ever-growing arena of intermodal trucking solutions. But, the lone road warrior doesn't have to be alone when it comes to staying abreast of industry news and rapidly changing standards. It takes an investment of time and finances, but motor carrier organizations and truck driver training companies offer individual training and education that enables independent drivers the security and protection of continued professional improvement.
Intermodal Freight Transportation Working Group of the US Department of Transporation provides listings of intermodal education opportunities. An independent intermodal motor carrier who is also a member of the National Private Truck Council (NTPC) can take advantage of the organization's Certified Transportation Professional training. Expand your horizons -- and your wallet -- with the ability to transport hazardous materials. Lion Technology offers a Hazardous Materials Transportation Certification for truckers, especially those carrying intermodal hazardous freight. For an industry overview, a multimodal training package includes maritime and air hazmat certification, as well.

Earn your certification to become an intermodal agent

Intermodal agents, brokers or forwarders connect businesses that need loads shipped with independent intermodal carriers or intermodal freight companies.

Use your ties with a large intermodal freight company to advance your knowledge and career

Those who own or work for an intermodal trucking company have a unique training advantage: most of these companies offer continuing education as a condition of employment. Also, larger companies can afford to maintain memberships with professional organizations that offer a wealth of educational programming, seminars and other resources for intermodal operator, forwarder and logistics manager training.
  • The education and training you'll need as an intermodal freight carrier could include quite a bit of transportation logistics management. If your career path could include logistics management in the future, tailor your continuing education selections so that you can use them for management certification down the road.

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