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If you own a website, you will need content. Even if you consider yourself a good writer, you might have time to write your own ...

If you own a website, you will need content. Even if you consider yourself a good writer, you might have time to write your own company content, but you will likely not have time to constantly update your site with new copy. You can save yourself time, as well as make sure your site is professional and grammatically correct, by hiring Internet content providers. Many sites have secondary content sections that are updated with SEO articles frequently, which takes time. If you don't know what that means, you will once you get an idea of the key terms in the world of Internet content.

Bid site

You can find content providers for your website for an affordable price from bid sites. On such websites, freelance writers bid for your writing job by providing their writing history, samples and rates. You can choose your favorite writer from those that apply.

Private label rights

When you have private label rights, or PLR, you are allowed to change or sell the material that you buy. If you find great content providers and buy their articles, you can modify or market their articles once you have paid them.

Secondary content

Your core content is the copy on your website, such as your homepage. Secondary content consists of the articles and blogs about your product or service that you might add to your site. Since you often need to update secondary content, you should hire a content provider to do the job.


Most Internet content providers will request that you allow them to telecommute so they can work from home. You can email them instructions or call them, and they will often attach the finished product to an email. This keeps overhead costs down as you do not need to pay for an office for such employees.


A ghostwriter is a writer that provides you with content without taking the credit. This means you can have another writer create content while putting your name on it. Though many content providers are aware that most Internet content works this way, you should have an agreement with your writer that they will not get credit on your site.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of enticing search engines to take notice of your website and put it towards the top of the search results page. You can do so by finding the best keywords that describe your product or service and making sure they appear in your web copy several times. Most site owners hire content providers to frequently update their site with SEO articles.

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