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An IRC server allows you to run chat sessions on your company’s website. It can be used externally, so that visitors to your ...

An IRC server allows you to run chat sessions on your company’s website. It can be used externally, so that visitors to your website can participate in chat sessions, or internally by employees on your intranet.

At first glance, it may seem as though allowing your employees to chat is unproductive. Chat can be a time-waster that takes people away from their work. But it's also a great way to communicate and share ideas. Unlike emails or forums, chat is something that is done immediately. Chat servers can also make your employees more productive by:

1. Bringing them together to collaborate or brainstorm a project using Internet relay chat servers.

2. Allowing them to ask each other questions and get answers quickly.

3. Hosting live marketing events or run online communities from your web server.

4. Providing support and answering user questions using a chat program on your website.

Purchase IRC server software

IRC server software is available for Windows and Linux. Buy an IRC server that is easy to manage and support.

Find IRC server hardware

You'll need a server to run your IRC server software. Check the system requirements to find out what you need. Many clients can run on older computers. If keeping your IRC server running consistently is a priority, get an affordable, entry level server.

Find out if you need online chat server clients

Most IRC chat servers provide integrated chat so that a participant enters text into the program and does not need a separate client. Some, however, may require that users download and install a chat client. Find out which clients can be used with your server.
  • Find out if other programs can be run from the same Internet relay chat servers. Save money by using your chat room server for other tasks, like a print or file server.
  • IRC business servers can be vulnerable to hacks and attacks. Make sure your server and network are secure by using firewalls, changing passwords frequently and monitoring your network.

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