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Introducing Business.com's Small Business Pulse: Latest Survey on Lead Generation Trends for SMBs

By Tony Uphoff
Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

We're pleased to introduce the first Business.com Small Business Pulse, a monthly, data-driven analysis of key issues related to...

I'm pleased to introduce our first Business.com Small Business Pulse report, a monthly, data-driven analysis of key issues related to small-to-medium businesses. Over the past several months, Business.com has been aggressively expanding both its content and its advertising products to target audience needs across all stages of the buying process -- from awareness to research to purchase.

With over 100,000 small-to-medium business leaders relying on us each day to discover, learn about and purchase the resources, products and services they need to run and grow their businesses, we are in a unique position to collect an extraordinary amount of data and turn it into actionable information for our audience and marketers. More than 36 million SMB (small and medium-sized business) buyers a year move through their purchase journey with Business.com, signaling their intentions via their digital body language, the registrations and lead forms they fill out, and their engagement with our suite of performance marketing products. We complete over five thousand phone calls with SMB leaders each month, as well as produce a monthly benchmark report detailing purchasing and vendor interaction.

In total, this data provides us with unique, ongoing insights into the trends of small- to medium-sized businesses today. This includes sales, marketing, finance, technology and entrepreneurial issues they encounter, as well as what products and services they are purchasing to run and grow their businesses.

We want to share these insights with you, our audience and marketing customers, in order to provide you with actionable insights and analysis you can apply to your own business. This month in the Small Business Pulse report, we're focusing on the lifeblood of any business: generating marketing and sales leads.  Some interesting results from the study include:

  • Over 50% of marketers are interested in leads generated through white paper downloads.
  • 51.3 % of marketers cited purchasing time horizon as the most valuable additional data element, aside from name and email address, followed by company size.

In May of this year, we completed an in-depth survey with our lead generation customers to get a better understanding of how they are using lead generation advertising, content marketing and technology to reach, engage with, and ultimately sell to prospects and customers. We added to this our insights from the over 20,000 sales ready leads we generate each month and we asked lead generation expert Phil Brannon, formerly CEO of IT Business Edge and founder and president of Tech Republic, to provide his insights on the data we collected. You can download the white paper here and view the video about lead generation on YouTube.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on lead generation and how you like this month's Small Business Pulse. Please also share your thoughts on other key areas that you'd like us to focus on in future Business.com Pulse reports.

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