It's Easy Being Green: How It Pays to Go Green at Your Business / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The benefits often outweigh the costs of going green, as the government & PR look favorably at companies that are environmentally conscious.

Businesses go green each day as it can benefit them and the environment.

The benefits often times outweigh the costs of going green, as the government and society as a whole look favorably at companies that are environmentally conscious.

Going green is the right thing to do, and can help a company’s image, so why isn’t everybody doing it? 

At times, going green can impact the bottom line of a business and other times businesses do not know how going green will impact them in a positive way.

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The following are some ways to go green and the benefits associated with doing so.

Small Waste Adds Up

Something as simple as modifying a computer’s settings and powering off the computer before leaving the office for the day can add up over the course of time in electric and money saved on the electric bill.

There are a few tips to conserve energy and also save money that just take mindfulness of surroundings. Being more mindful of turning lights off can make a huge difference especially if the entire office becomes more aware about light usage. Regardless of the amount of waste, over the course of years this can add up to be a significant amount of waste whether it be energy or resources.

Even something as small as asking employees to bring in reusable containers for lunch can save on waste as well as reduce the garbage produced by lunch. The waste doesn’t have to be in the office for a business to go green. Instituting carpool programs can save money on people’s commutes while reducing the emissions that the office produces daily.

Money Saved

Obviously saving energy is going to help on the electric bill. Another great thing that can be done is cutting paper usage as most documents can be sent and filled out online. Paper and printer ink can be costly as well as many companies do not dispose of these in the proper way which damages the environment further.

There are plenty of tax breaks that are associated with being an environmentally conscious business. Make sure to look into these as some can be for large amounts of money or can save large amounts later on.

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Government Grants

Starting a business in a new area can be difficult as the business has to win the trust and support of the local economy. Besides have the ability to get an EPA government grant for building a commercial business in a green fashion. Investing in solar panels can actually be written up for up to 30 percent of the cost of the panels.

This is immediate savings while eventually saving immense amounts on the electric bill. Solar panels also come with other tax breaks that fall under a renewable resource spectrum that include wind power among other renewable resources.

PR Dream

Having a green initiative whether it is large or small is the PR department’s dream. Being able to write about an energy efficient project or ways the company is reducing waste brings the company up in a positive light with the public. Marketing a company as an environmentally friendly entity can help edge out the competition if done correctly.

The competition could have green initiatives that they have not made public which is a huge mistake as building rapport with locals and other potential customers helps get ahead of the competition. While going green is the right thing to do ethically, it might end up costing a company a bit more. The tradeoff comes with the customers that will switch to this product or service because the company providing it cares about the environment.

For example, a company that employs only locals that bike to work is a great way to get the name of a company out there. Regardless of the industry that the business is in, local media coverage of their attempt to be more environmentally friendly can be get exposure for companies new and old. While having an entire office bike to work might be a tad unrealistic, something of the like could still garner positive attention in the media.

Can Be A Fun Thing To Do Together

Something as simple as taking the stairs or walking to lunch can be a great way to build relationships at a company while also becoming healthier. Using a green initiative to team build as well is the definition of winning in multiple ways.

Doing a cleanup of a park can and providing lunch afterwards is a great way to bond outside of the office which is imperative to team building. Volunteering for cleanups or sponsoring an environmentally friendly activity or event can also build rapport with the community. Get out and do something as a team and its impact can help a myriad of different areas as far as a business is concerned.

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Going green has numerous benefits that have nothing to do with the environment. The fact that going green also helps the environment and reduces waste is just a bonus. Consider going green as a new company and it can immediately help with the image of the brand. Look into going green soon and all it can do for a business today!

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