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Free Job Posting Tips to Hire Better Employees

Derek Gallimore
Derek Gallimore
Founder at Outsource Accelerator

Want to hire better employees? These free job posting tips will help you make sure you land the best candidates for your open positions.

Thanks to the internet, employment is now easier for both employees and businesses. Before, job hiring is put through newspaper ads, posters, TV and radio commercials. Now, with one click, you can post a job and advertise it through search engines and social media. 

However, looking for employees nowadays, whether in-house or remote, becomes tougher since you face a bigger competition in the market. You have to sell not just the position but the company values and environment to encourage them to apply. 

If you’re looking to hire your first employee, you should be familiar with how you post your job on the internet. Different job boards offer free and paid postings depending on the demand and urgency of the position to be filled. 

Free vs. paid: What should you consider?

You should consider a few factors whether you choose free or premium job posting sites:

  • Urgent hiring. Paid job posts will put you on top of search pages instantly while the free ones might take time getting noticed on boards. 

  • Hiring specialized or higher-level roles. You should choose a paid job post when you’re looking for a higher-level or specialized position.

  • Regular opening. Paid job posts keep you on top no matter how many new posts from different companies come along. This helps if you have a regular job opening and you continuously hire employees.

  • Cost control. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads help you control the cost of your job posting when you’re targeting a highly specific audience. You only pay depending on how many people have seen your job post.

  • Hiring by location. If you’re looking for applicants at a specific location, paying for your job post is recommended. You can attract top talent with a paid job post, especially for those with high competition for applicants.

Tips for entrepreneurs managing a lot of job postings

When you have a lot of job postings to manage, recruitment can take up much of your time. You might not be able to attend to all of them at once. As a result, recruitment process might take longer than usual. More important tasks are also set aside which slows down the growth of your business.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or have a small team at your startup, you can try hiring an online worker to manage your job postings. They can help you screen applicants and manage different job boards.

Meanwhile, if you either run a recruitment firm or screen a lot of applicants regularly, then contracting a business process outsourcing company might help. There are companies that specialize in human resource management, particularly recruitment, which can help you with your processes. Your team can process applications in bulk and screen them at the same time for more convenience. 

Job sites we recommend

You can check these job boards for your recruitment needs. Note that the following may only have limited free features while others offer either a free trial or a standard plan.

Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is the latest algorithm by Google that posts your job for free on the search engine. It features postings from different boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter. To qualify, you need to post a job with proper information and correct formatting through your website or a third-party job board. Google will then crawl you posting and feature it on their site. Once an applicant searches for a specific role, it will show the featured postings on the top or middle of the search page.


More than for posting jobs, Glassdoor can be both a job board and a company branding website at the same time. Employees and clients can anonymously post company reviews and leave ratings on your Employer account. Applicants can then see these reviews and salary information before they decide to continue their application. With a free trial account, you can post up to 10 jobs and build your company profile. However, if you will post only one job, you only need to purchase a one-time fee of $199. Your ad will expire within 30 days upon posting.


Indeed is the leading job site in the world with millions of visitors in 50 different countries. The platform helps you look for the best talent for a role you want to fill. It also allows you to contact your applicants, scheduling interviews, and arrange your company profile to highlight your work culture and environment. This is to attract more applicants in applying to your company. You have the option to post your job for free or with a minimum of $4 per day. Sponsoring your posts allows you to see it on top of their search page and gain up to five times more views. 


Monster Jobs aims to connect employers and applicants around the globe. The platform posts local hourly and fixed salary jobs from different roles and sectors. With it, you can share your posting on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Creating a job post, however, doesn’t have a free option. You can choose a standard or premium option for your posting with a 30-day or 60-day duration. Aside from social posting, standard posting allows you to post to different newspaper sites, emails, and mobile app.


Though Craigslist has users from different countries, it is most popular in the US and Canada with job offerings for blue-collar and less-senior office roles. You can post for free when you’re outside the US. However, you are required to pay a fee if you’re within the country. Cost of posting ranges from $10 to $75 depending on your city and state. Paid job posts enable you to format your jobs through HTML to make it more presentable. Free posts can last up to 45 days while the paid ones are up to 30 days.


Neuvoo enables you to post jobs according to your city, region, or country. Employees and job seekers can also view salaries depending on the industry and tax information depending on the city and country you’re located in. Posting through the platform is totally free and lasts up to 30 days.


CareerJet is a worldwide job posting site that allows you to post your offering depending on your location. Posting through the site, however, is not free. You need to pay for either a direct post or an indexed one. Direct posting charges you a fixed amount and lasts for 45 days while indexed posting only charges per number of views.


Lastly, ZipRecruiter allows you to post jobs to over 100 boards aside from the platform itself. It offers a four-day trial then charges a minimum of $249 per month for a renewable standard posting. What’s good with the platform is that it automatically matches thousands of resumes with the right skills, education, and experience to your posting. From this, you may invite them to apply for the role or screen them if they’ve already submitted their application. It also allows you to close your filled position and replace it with a new one even before the 30-day posting period once you’ve hired a suitable employee.

What are some tips for free job posting option?

Here are some tips you can use when posting a job for free to make it stand out:

  • Your post should sound natural. You should sound natural within your post. Make your job title simple and explain your duties and objectives in layman’s term. Avoid using big words or make it too academic or formal unless you’re looking for a higher-level applicant. 

  • List a reasonable salary range. Depend your salary on the role level and the number of tasks they are going to do. If possible, set a fixed amount. Don’t leave the salary range blank. This will make them doubt the job post.

  • Don’t list too many job duties. Explain the role and its duties in three to five sentences. Yes, employees can do a lot of tasks at once. However, you should limit these to those relevant to their positions. 

  • Determine the timeframe of your posting. When you’re posting a job, determine if this position needs to be filled immediately or not. Consider how many applicants do you need in this position and if you have to hire regularly. 

Sell the position. Last but not least, you need to sell the position and your business to job seekers to get it noticed. Introduce your company and your work culture. State reasons why they should apply to your company. Do it in a casual and conversational approach to encourage them into applying for the position.

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