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Top New Year’s Goals for Job Seekers in 2020

Rafi Chowdhury
Rafi Chowdhury

Job hunting is one of the top New Year's resolutions for job seekers. Job search goals are easy to make, but acheiving them is challenging. Here's how to meet your job search goals in 2020.

Different people have different goals for the New Year. Some will want to embark on a weight loss program while others will want to start saving money. If you are a job seeker, you must understand that there is no shortcut to finding a better job. So here are the top New Year’s goals for job seekers.

Decide what you want

First things first: Before you set your New Year’s goals, you need to decide what you want out of your career.

Well, as silly as it may seem, you will be shocked by the number of job seekers out there who when asked what they want won’t tell you what exactly they want.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know what you want out of your career, you can set any goal.

Note that if you don’t know what you want out of your job search and career, you will end up taking any job that comes your way which ultimately will enter you into an unfulfilling career.

When deciding what you want out of your job search and career, you also need to decide whether you should pursue your career or switch careers.

Update your resume

It is said that about 98% of resumes need some help. So you are left wondering whether yours is in this bracket list or not.

It’s simple if you have been looking for a job for a long time now but you aren’t getting interviews, you need to update your resume.

Also, even if you are getting invitations for interviews, you still need to improve your resume if it’s been a long time since you updated it.

You must have developed some useful skills or accomplished some projects after you last updated your resume.

Make sure to include all these and keep it ready both in soft copy and hard copy.

Here are some resume improvements you need to consider:

Do away with paragraphs- As a rule, resumes should be readable enough. Besides, recruiters don’t read resumes, but they scan them. Adding bullet points and removing too many paragraphs makes your resume readable even from a distance.

Make use of figures- Of course, you must have spearheaded a project that brought profits to the company you worked with previously or anything else that brought profits. Make sure you quantify your accomplishments. For instance, you could say, I spearheaded a “xx” project that saw the company grow its profit 10 times”.

Network even more

If you have already built a network, strengthen it by networking even more.

Networking is a great way to land your dream job. Remember that networking involves talking to people.

It’s so unfortunate that while some people like networking with others some find it difficult.

If you are job hunting, you have no option but to network. Strengthen your network by joining job-related groups both online and offline.

Join LinkedIn groups. There are plenty of career-related groups there. Become a member of relevant professional organizations and be part of their daily undertakings. Participate in events and seminars. Interact with people in your field and know them in person. Don’t just focus on finding a job but on networking as a goal. This is the only way you can build a genuine network.

Tell the public that you’re job hunting

As pity as it may seem, your New Year’s goal should be to get a job and getting a job involves a lot than you can imagine. You must let people know that you are looking for a job.

After all, you never know who your next employer will be or who will connect you with your next employer.

A mistake most job seekers make is to think that only work colleagues or school mates are the only people who can help them secure a better job.

Your family, friends, and consociates can connect you with your next employer only if they know you are looking for a job.

People will be happy to pass along information if they know you are job hunting.

Come up with a plan

Creating an action plan and making sure you know how to meet those goals you set should be in the list of your next year’s goals.

Having an action plan will help you to stick to one item at a time. You just can’t chew two pieces of meat at one time and when it comes to job hunting, if you try to multitask, you will be going the wrong path.

Following a one-step-at-a-time approach will help you know if an opportunity is the right one for you.

Be prepared to take a risk

They say no pain no gain and no risk no reward. Taking a risk should not miss in your list of new year’s goals. Remember that some of the amazing steps you’ve taken so far have been successful due to the hard work and faith you put.

Learn new skills

As you work on your job hunting goals you should also improve your work-related skills. Note that change is happening each new day. And because employers are looking for people with relevant skills, you also need to learn new skills to remain relevant in the job market. When you keep on learning new skills, your resume stays up-to-date and that shows employers that you are committed to learning and you understand what needs to be done to be successful in your field.

Build a brand of yourself

Most people think that branding is for companies and large organizations which isn’t true.

Being a job seeker, you can build a personal brand for yourself. This is a fantastic way to tell employers what you are looking to achieve in your career.

Your personal brand can be your elevator pitch, especially in times when you aren’t able to present yourself to potential employers.

Building a brand of yourself as a job seeker can involve creating a video resume, an online work portfolio showcasing your skills and abilities or even creating a personal website.

You can also create a blog and keep it updated with new content regularly. Just make sure you are consistent across all platforms.

Don’t change anything from your name to your qualifications to make it easy for employers to find you.


Take part in local projects, join local organizations and charities during your free time and this will show how passionate you are.

Volunteering is not only a way to give back to the community but also shows employers how dedicated and reliable you are.

Volunteering will also help to keep your resume updated.

Don’t stop learning

Learning never ends. Keep learning as your new year’s goal. Learning helps to add to our knowledge base. You just need to identify skills and certifications that employers want candidates in your field to have and go out there and learn them.

Remember that learning doesn’t limit you to getting a new skill, you can also spend time with other people in other departments to learn how the other side of the company you work for works.

Ideally, you should not allow yourself to stagnate in your career.

Update your LinkedIn profile

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? If you happened to ask this question to job seekers, you may be shocked by the answers you could have received.

Most job seekers take their LinkedIn profiles for granted. They don’t realize just how powerful this professional social media platform can be in their job search process.

A study suggests that 73% of recruiters hire candidates through social media (particularly LinkedIn) and 93% of recruiters find out more about a candidate through their social media profiles before making a hiring decision.

The good thing about LinkedIn is that the platform will tell you when your profile is 100% completed.

Get a mentor

A mentor is someone who you can turn to for professional guidance. Having a mentor will help you grow your career.

A mentor will be there for you in case you feel you are lost.

Contact hiring managers directly

Have you been applying for jobs online? If yes, then your new year’s goal should be to knock at the doors of recruiters and hiring managers in person.

It’s not a secret; most of the resumes submitted through the online application process go unnoticed. Who knows maybe yours has been going unnoticed for a long time now?

Change tactics and contact hiring managers directly.

Eat well

Taking care of yourself and your loved ones shouldn’t miss in your list of new year’s goals. Remember that job hunting is a stressful and tiresome exercise. You need the strength and energy to overcome the times when your resume will be thrown in the dust bin in front of your eyes so, eat well and exercise.

Tips to achieving new year goals as a job seeker

No matter how good your new year’s goals are, you won’t see success with them if you don’t follow these tips.

Set the right job search goals

If you have been setting New Year goals and you haven’t been seeing any success, chances are that you are setting unrealistic or goals that aren’t right for you. Or chances are that you’ve been setting generic goals instead of specific ones.

For instance, saying “I want to earn more money” is a generic goal.

The more specific your goals are the higher the chances of achieving them.

Ideally, when setting goals, you should make sure you are maximizing your strengths, minimizing your weaknesses, and moving toward opportunities.

Collaborate with others

Once you’ve set clear and achievable goals, you need to collaborate with others. Now we talked about networking even more.

When you network, you get input from other people in your field and outside your field. You never know the people you connect with could help you with advice on how you can achieve certain goals.

Final thoughts

Did we miss your new year’s goals on our list? Let us know what your goals are in 2020 in the comment section.

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