6 Strategies to Spice Up Your Social Media Game

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Looking to spice up your brand's social media game? Follow this advice.


You can improve your brand, your number of followers, your followers engagement and ultimately your business as a whole by following a few simple rules. Here's how to spice up your social media game. 

1. Use Emojis in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Posts

Emoticons, which are more widely called emojis, can almost entirely replace a typed conversation with expressive faces and fun pictures. With more than 1,000 different emojis, the combinations are endless. Across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, these little icons enhance the way a message comes across to the reader.

On Twitter, emojis increase post interactions by 25.4 percent. On Facebook posts with emojis receive 57 percent more likes and 33 percent more comments and shares. Also when using Twitter, you are limited to 140 characters and using an emoji can help get your message across with fewer letters. When you use an emoji, the person who is conveying the message needs to ensure that they correctly use the emoji. Misusing an emoji or using too many could confuse the reader.  

BroadbandSearch Twitter Post
BroadbandSearch uses trendy hashtags and pictures to increase engagement with posts.

2. Use Pictures to Accompany your Posts

Use memes, infographics and pictures in your posts. Always use visuals, and most importantly, make sure they are good quality, unique images. Facebook pictures drive 87 percent more interactions and time spent. Also, posts which are liked and commented on are often shared on other people’s timelines; people who haven’t even officially “liked” your brand. On Twitter, posts that contain pictures get retweeted 35 percent more than those without pictures.

If you plan on posting a picture, make sure that it is good quality and it is original. Social media sites crackdown on copyright infringement and if you are penalized for taking a picture, it can severely hurt your brand’s reputation. You should also post a wide variety of pictures. One example would be infographics, which allow a reader to receive information with one, easy look.


3. Find Trending Hashtags and Use Them

Hashtags make your posts relevant. People can search for topics that interest them in a few words, and get access to thousands of pictures and posts under the same hashtag. You want your hashtag to be memorable so keep it short and sweet because long hashtags risk being forgotten. The same hashtag should be used across all types of social media accounts to increase its visibility to users, and you should not use more than two hashtags in the same post. Social media sites that utilize hashtags are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

Use hashtags that you see are already trending. For example, a popular hashtag recently is #ThrowbackThursday. This simple line has sparked an entire movement of posting memorable photos on Thursdays. If you are bringing back a good memory from your company’s past, try posting it on Thursday with that hashtag and see if your engagement goes up. Finding hashtags that are currently trending can be extremely helpful in gaining visibility to your brand, just as BroadbandSearch has done above.

4. Engage With Users

Don't just tweet on your own account. Retweet other brands tweets. Share, like and comment on other brands posts on Facebook to increase your engagement and visibility. Showing your users you care about their comment with a “like” or a comment back goes along way. Often, acknowledging someone on social media can make them a permanent brand follower and could help you create a lifetime customer. Also, commenting, liking or following someone popular can bring exposure to your brand. If you link your company to someone famous or a similar brand that is well known, you significantly increase your odds of being noticed.

Kit Kat Social Media Engagement
Kit Kat's Social Media Engagement


Oreo and AMC Social Media
Oreo and AMC Fake Social Media Confrontation

5. Don't Be Afraid to Be Controversial

If someone is putting your company in jeopardy on social media, don’t be afraid to fire back or defend your brand. This exposes your brand on different media outlets because controversy is often shared faster than a normal post. Make sure you have all the facts before you claim something when giving a rebuttal. If you backup a negative post with lies or other false information, it could hurt your brand more than just taking the hit of a negative post.

Walmart offered a good example of how to respond to these types of posts. Walmart tweeted, “We are honored to employ #veterans & support them and their families in every way we can.” The company had a veteran tweet back saying that he applied but never heard anything. Instead of accusing the veteran of lying, Walmart simply replied “Please review our Welcome Home Commitment to learn more about opportunities & support efforts,” along with a link to the veteran application. Instead of telling the veteran he was wrong, the company gave him a response that could potentially help resolve his issue.

Or you could take the approach that the Madden franchise took when they received negative feedback from NFL player Dez Bryant regarding his overall rating in the video game. A rating that he thought should have been much higher based on his career and ability. 

Madden and Dez
Madden's Hilarious Response to Dez's Rating Complaint














6. Update Daily

Keep up with your brand's social media accounts. An active account is a successful one. If you aren’t posting regularly on your social media accounts, the public won’t be able to find you easily. Managing multiple accounts can seem like an unmanageable task, but with a few simple adjustments you can update your account like a pro.

Allotting one hour in a day can be plenty of time to give your social media the love it needs. However, some people can't give that time away. In your free time, collect relevant posts and save them to quickly upload throughout the week. During your day, try and capture something in the moment that will engage your audience. Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Instasnap allow you to do just that and all are great options for someone who does not have a lot of time to post on social media.

The fact is, keeping up with your social media isn’t that difficult and if you do it correctly, your brand could benefit big time.

Photo credit: shutterstock.com/g/noridzuanmahfok87

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