Keep Employees Happy: How to Keep Negativity Out of The Office / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Keeping your team positive and motivated is important. Here are a few ways to reward employees and keep them coming to work happy.

Keeping employees happy is essential to the continued success of many companies.

Many people do not realize the costs that are incurred just by one employee quitting then being replaced. Most people think that the new hire will pick up the slack immediately but for the most part this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The following are some great ways to keep employees content and keep negativity from invading your office.

Don't Skimp on Perks

The fact is that many people value the perks that their job gives them nearly as much as the salary. If a company is having a difficult time paying what their competitors do, then perks could be a saving grace. Something as simple as insurance being covered in benefits can build employee loyalty and make it much less likely that they will jump ship.

What Perks You Should Consider:

  • Insurance is the largest part of perks as employee benefits go. Offices with a younger crowd can save money as a whole. There is another option to save money with a healthy staff though. Some life insurance companies are introducing wearable tech to get more accurate estimates on rates. This could trickle down to other insurance policies so your company’s health initiative could save the company thousands per year in the future!
  • A gym membership is something that people will value especially if the gym is close to the office or on-site. Visiting the gym a certain amount of times per week can actually get the company a kickback from their health insurance provider which helps cover part or all of the membership.
  • Free lunches couldn’t be stressed enough as this is a good way to keep people happy as well as keeping them from taking a lunch that is way too long.
  • If you work for a tech company, it can be great to have a work from home day per week. Something as simple as letting people work from home gives them freedom that many other jobs couldn’t offer.
  • Profit sharing can keep employees happy as well as attract some top talent. This shows the employees that their work is valued and the company cares about its employees rather than being a cold hearted corporate entity.

Be the Example

As a manager or executive it is extremely important to be positive around the office. Interactions with managers can help mold the attitude of employees for weeks to come.

The fact is that not every manager can feel happy and positive about the outlook of a company on a daily basis. Showing the unhappiness or letting negativity slip when talking or in body language can be a bad example for the staff as a whole.

How To Be The Example:

  • Never let things outside of work that are bothering you impact your attitude at work. Compartmentalizing each part of your life might seem difficult but it is essential if you want to be a great example for your employees.
  • When you pull into work in the morning, have a book that motivates you or a book of quotes. Read a few quotes or passages then try to apply one of them to your day. This might seem cheesy but in fact this could set the tone for the entire day.
  • Try to say something positive to each employee you manage, this interaction shows each individual that you care about them beyond their professional performance.


Telling employees the true state of a company is something that many businesses forget to do. This is something that is owed to employees as it has become commonplace for a business to go under without telling employees. These employees show up only to find they don’t have a job anymore.

This can cause distrust between upper management and staff. This dissension can cause a huge rift in the office that might not be able to be repaired. Being transparent with staff can have a huge positive impact on the workplace.

How To Boost Transparency:  

  • Send a weekly email of the happenings of the company whether they are positive or negative.
  • Have a real open door policy where questions can be asked, do not reprimand employees if they ask a tough question.
  • Share financials and profit reports. The staff will appreciate this as many companies do not let employees know the real state of things.

Encourage Employees to Take Initiative

Management aren’t the only ones who should start initiatives. The best initiatives are ones that are started by employees as other employees do not feel obligated to take part but do anyway.

These could be health initiatives or even just a small drive to give to the less fortunate. It is important to publicly praise the person who started an initiative as this will tend to encourage other employees to start an initiative of their own. Limit the amount of initiatives to around one per month so the office isn’t overwhelmed.

Employee retention is quite important as training and finding the right fit can costs thousands of dollars.

Pay raises aren’t the only ways to keep employees happy as you can see. Try a few of these things and see how much they can boost employee morale!

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