Keeping Your Business on the Move / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

If your business is looking to relocate or requires additional space at your present headquarters, there are plenty of options to choose...

Whether it is a long move or just a trip across town, businesses change locations all the time, something that is especially true in today's economy with companies looking to save on rent.

If your business is looking to relocate or requires additional space at your present headquarters, there are plenty of options to choose from.

For those businesses relocating, take several factors into consideration:

  • Time is of the essence -- It is important to have a timeline in place. In most cases, a smaller office will need several months of preparation, while a medium to larger-sized company needs six months or more;
  • Know the layout of new building -- Before you can move to the new office, be sure everything has been properly sized and measured. Know if you will be able to fit all your present furniture, machines, etc. in the new space or if you will have to consolidate. In the event there is extra room, either fill the space now or keep it open for down the road as your company hopefully expands;
  • In-house move or movers? -- Some companies choose to do the moving themselves amongst their employees, while others go the more traditional route and hire movers. While hiring movers is more expensive, it prevents the possible scenario of where one or more of your employees is injured while moving boxes, electronic equipment or chairs and tables;
  • Budget those dollars -- Given that many businesses are trying to save money these days, be sure to have a budget in place for your company's relocation. While you don't want to hire a few guys off the street to move your important possessions, sit down with your financial pros in the office and compile a series of moving quotes.

Containing the Space Issue

In the event your business cannot or chooses not to move, needing a little more space in its current locale, there are options.

  1. With portable storage containers, businesses load up the container with the necessary stored items, freeing up space in their current office setting;
  2. The container provider will then send a moving truck to your office to retrieve the storage unit or units, which will then be taken to a warehouse to be stored for an indefinite period of time;
  3. Portable storage containers or moving pods can be rented on a monthly basis, along with charges for pick-up and delivery;
  4. Portable containers may also be outfitted to be used as portable rooms for office space if you're crowded where you currently reside but cannot afford to relocate your staff and property.

Whether the move involves changing locations or adding some extra storage to meet your current office needs, get moving on your plan so that you're not left holding a bunch of empty boxes.

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