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Whether you own a full-service or fast-food restaurant, improve your customers’ dining experience with ketchup dispensers that ...

Whether you own a full-service or fast-food restaurant, improve your customers’ dining experience with ketchup dispensers that make it easy to access the popular condiment. Dispensers are available in all price points, from inexpensive bottles to high-end, self-powered pumps.

Find ketchup dispensers that will be easy for your employees to clean and refill. Keeping the units tidy and full will also reflect well on your establishment and reduce customer complaints. Select a style that suits your budget, the tone of your restaurant and the space you’ve got available:

1. Place simple bottles on each table so customers can use the ketchup dispensers throughout the meal.

2. Use countertop ketchup dispensers to distribute ketchup along with other condiments, sauces and toppings.

3. Install in-counter ketchup dispensers with a convenient pump that distributes the condiment without waste.

Choose economical bottles as ketchup dispensers for added customer convenience

Using plastic squeeze bottles as ketchup dispensers will help customers recognize and access the condiment throughout the meal. You'll avoid the cost of stocking the small plastic or paper cups you may need with other self-serve dispensers. Buy extra bottles so employees can simply swap them when one runs low.

Ease the self-serve process with ketchup dispensers that hold several toppings and condiments

Create a condiment station with a countertop container, wall-mounted unit or rolling cart to keep everything your customers need in one place. Choose a design with materials that suit your budget. Most units use pumps as mustard and ketchup dispensers and feature removable dishes to hold toppings that employees can swap and refill throughout the day.

Use built-in ketchup dispensers if you've got available counter space

Install manual in-counter pumps or electrically powered ketchup dispensers to help customers obtain a generous amount without wasting product. Choose a durable unit with parts that can stand up to heavy use and facilitate frequently cleaning. Place small cups at the station for customers who don't want to apply the ketchup until they reach their table.
  • Whatever type of ketchup dispensers you choose, sit them on a plastic tray or place a cloth napkin under the spout to catch drips. Instruct your employees to wipe the tray or change the cloth frequently. These small details will keep your condiment area not only sanitary, but appetizing, as well.

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