3 Steps to Hiring the Right People

Business.com / HR Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Building a great team happens when each employee in your company stays aligned on top priorities and employee expectations.

A study based on interviews with more than two thousand CFOs shows just how detrimental hiring the wrong people can be. It doesn't just impact the cost of labor and rehiring; it actually influences a decrease in staff productivity and morale. According to the survey from global staffing firm Robert Half, more than one-third of the CFOs said morale is greatly affected by poor hiring decisions. In order to ensure that you are consistently hiring the right people, it’s important to identify and communicate your company’s cultural common denominators.

Building a great team happens when each employee in your company, beginning with your leadership team, stays aligned with top priorities and employee expectations. I’ve seen distrust emerge when two departments are working towards different goals. When it comes to candidate interviews, the worst case scenario is when the employees interviewing him or her are not on the same page and are not hiring to meet the same objectives.

In order to ensure that cross-functional teams, HR and hiring managers are bringing the right people on board, here are three easy steps to follow:

Develop a standard set of employee expectations. Especially for candidates interviewing with people on different teams, it’s crucial that everyone has the same expectations for what they’re looking for in a new employee, including the skills and behaviors needed in order to align with the company’s mission. The leadership team should determine these overarching expectations and then share them with the entire organization.

Communicate these expectations to the entire company. After establishing your company’s mission and what the expectations of employees are in order to meet it, there needs to be communication with the entire company. Ensuring that everyone is knowledgeable of how to meet those expectations is crucial to building the right team.

Create alignment with top company goals. When you’re onboarding your employees, it’s important to clearly communicate what the top company goals are for that quarter or specific time period. Then, be sure that they align their individual goals with those top company goals. Pro-tip: encourage them to have frequent conversations with their managers and their peers on different teams. That way, your company mission remains top of mind and the alignment will mitigate any disconnect between various teams in the hiring process.

At BetterWorks, our team is very familiar with our top goal: to help people get 1 percent better every day at work. We live and breathe this mission and it has become instrumental in helping our team grow and scale from 50 to 100 employees in 2016 alone. Any candidate that walks through our door must exhibit the contagious enthusiasm that we feel it takes to help others get better at their jobs. Some of the particular skills and behaviors we look for in new hires include the habit of following through, supporting key initiatives of the company, working really well with others, keeping managers and peers up to date and always pushing for more.

By the time candidates make it past the first screening with our hiring team, we have already checked for these attributes and we are one step closer to hiring, simply because the person is aligned with what we’re looking for in a new employee.

Creating a company culture starts with the interview and hiring process. You have the opportunity to add people to your team who are not just going to get work done but bring their passion for your mission to work every day. These cultural common denominators can drive a spirit of inspiration that not will not only encourage you to hire the best candidates but help your team stay focused on the big picture as the company evolves.



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