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Kronos Software Pricing and Costs editorial staff editorial staff

The price you can expect to pay for Kronos software and equipment

  • Kronos software can be a valuable asset to any size company. The cloud-based program permits you to manage your employees both onsite and offsite through intuitive tracking and analytics features.
  • Kronos is very scalable and allows you to create a package that works best for your company's needs and budgets. Features can be added or eliminated based on your growth. A consultation is scheduled to assess your needs at any time.
  • Kronos is expensive but provides an excellent return on investment. With more control over attendance, schedules, and payroll, company costs are reduced. Support service is included with all packages from Kronos.

Kronos and its benefits

Kronos is a major software provider with different types of workforce tools. With the company's suite of products, the following tasks can be managed:

Attendance tracking: With Kronos, you can easily track your employees' time and attendance. Kronos is supported on different platforms including interactive voice response, time clocks and mobile devices. Data is collected on employee attendance to ensure compliance and improve record-keeping.

Employee schedules: Scheduling tasks are handled accurately through the Kronos platform. The software confirms you have accurate coverage with the right talent at all times. The tools within the suite are intuitive and also provide predictive analysis for your future coverage needs.

Payroll: Payroll management is a key feature within Kronos Workforce Central. Payroll tasks are automated to reduce errors and provide a better payment experience for employees and employers. Real-time data is tracked and shareable to allow for complete transparency.

Company analytics: As you use Kronos, analytics are gathered about your company to give you insights into workforce trends. Use this data to make informed decisions about employee management.

Kronos Workforce Central puts together all of your company's human resources and employee management tools in a single software program. Kronos was specifically designed to work on the cloud platform to make the management of workforce tasks easy and convenient.  Many of the solutions offered are automated to make task management accurate and efficient.

Kronos provides the opportunity to make set rules for a company. With the tracking features, managers can track clock-in and clock-out times as well as set restrictions on holiday or overtime hours. Since the program is cloud-based, employees can be at various locations, including remote work. Industries like home healthcare can benefit from the program since it allows for improved compliance with appointment-tracking. According to PC Magazine, the product is best for small to mid-sized operations.

Data collection and tracking can be set to your specific parameters. For instance, if you want to review payroll for a quarterly period for a specific set of team members, you can generate a report in minutes. The cloud platform is very easy to navigate with the program scalable to company size. An employee self-service portal is also offered as a way to reduce the number of HR emails and calls.

How much you can expect to pay for Kronos software and equipment

When looking for Kronos software information about prices, it can be hard to find. That's because Kronos prefers to quote each job on an individual basis. Depending on the Kronos productivity software you need, the number of users you have, and the number of managers you want, the price for your Kronos application software will vary.

However, the Kronos program is set up to include many different features when you purchase their Kronos software package. When you pair that service with equipment from Kronos software vendors, you'll see a sharp increase in your business return on investment. Consider these Kronos software pricing and costs tips to help you determine how much a Kronos software package will cost.

  1. Budget the cost of Kronos software depending on your needs.

  2. Save your money on support when you purchase Kronos software applications.

  3. Pair Kronos programs with Kronos equipment for maximum office efficiency.

Set your budget to include Kronos software

Kronos provides you with the option to buy Kronos human resources software, Kronos payroll software, a Kronos staffing program and more. Kronos software is expensive, anywhere from $5,000 to $1,000,000 for your network, but it also increases your return on investment by increasing worker efficiency. The price your business will pay for Kronos software depends on the number of users you have and the number of managers you require.

Services and support included with your Kronos software purchase

Setting up a network using Kronos software can take a lot of manpower and training. Implementing it into your office network can be even more difficult because it requires training all of your employees and maybe even changing the way your current system operates. All of this can take a toll on a business, but Kronos includes assistance with all of these issues at no charge when you purchase their software package.

Buy equipment designed to work with Kronos software

When you buy Kronos software, you can use it to its full potential when you pair it with Kronos equipment. Kronos time clocks are designed to synchronize with your software, meaning all times "clocked in" and "clocked out" automatically show up in your report. This helps improve efficiency in the time management process and helps eliminate employee errors.

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