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Landing pages are extensions of your business's lead generation campaigns. Increase conversions with great online marketing and...

A well-executed landing page can greatly increase conversions for your business's lead generation campaigns. Rather than directing visitors to your home page, you can direct them to a specially-designed landing page that steers them down your conversion funnel. Landing pages are an extension of your online marketing campaigns and to maximize conversions, landing pages should be geared to the reason the person has clicked-through. Here are the three key elements of a successful landing page.

Call to Action (CTA)

Before you begin to draft the design of your landing page, determine what it is you want visitors to your site to do. Depending on your online marketing goals, you need to create expectations and method for measuring results. Are you trying to increase newsletter subscribers? Do you want them to test-run your service with a free trial? Your call to action should be directly tied to your goals. It may seem obvious, but some businesses forget to ask for what it is they want. If you want someone to download a program you offer, having a download button is necessary to a successful landing page. Keep it simple but let people know what exactly it is that they are downloading, subscribing to, etc. A call to action isn't enough if people don't know what they are getting from entering their information. Only ask for the vitals, otherwise too many fields may scare off potential conversions.


"Clear, concise and persuasive" should be your mantra for landing pages. Provide enough information so that people who have never heard of your company, or are unsure of what it is you offer, can get a handle on just how much your product will benefit them. Groupon's landing page simply says that you'll save 50-90% off. While a single sentence or two may work for some, it doesn't for most. You want to provide enough interesting information to warm up visitors and encourage them to continue in the direction you want, following the CTA. Always have at least one picture for eye-catching appeal. If possible, have a video. Try it out with a control group and monitor the results. Studies from report up to 80% improvements in conversion. You can often reuse the video for placement on YouTube.


Design is very important when it comes to landing pages. Too much design can feel overwhelming and not enough can bore visitors. Keep your landing pages consistent with the design of the email or PPC marketing campaigns that led the visitor there; this includes fonts and colors. Studies have shown that single, centered-column landing page is the most effective, but you can test out other layouts to match your marketing campaigns. Keep in mind where the page fold occurs. Have your call to action clearly stated and above the line. Of course, you don't want to lose people who scroll down so scattering your calls to action is beneficial as well. Provide the essential information above the fold, and if you need a longer page, include additional information below the fold. Making sure your call to action is a flattering, color contrast to the rest of the page is great way to draw attention to that section of the page.

Simple, well-designed landing pages can increase your conversions from marketing campaigns but remember, that testing is key. Be consistent with the design that has led people to the page and make the call to action clear. Landing pages are about extending marketing campaigns and in order to have a successful conversion rate, these pages should provide just enough interesting and informational content to show the visitor just how this product/service can benefit them. Pay attention to your CTA, content, and design to improve your landing pages and boost conversions.


What are some of your landing page best practices? Tell us what is working for you

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