Launching An App? You Need These Tips for Promotion / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Half of the battle, besides creating a great app, is promoting that app effectively within a certain budget. Learn how here.

Launching an app of any kind can be extremely profitable if it is a success.

Half of the battle besides creating a great app is promoting that app effectively within a certain budget. While guerilla marketing campaigns might not work for an app, there are plenty of other options.

Taking advantage of online marketing is essential as marketing online can cost as much or as little as the gaming company desires.

The following are some ways that an app can be promoted in an efficient and effective manner.

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Content Marketing

Press releases can be an effective way to get the name and concept of a game out there.

Plenty of websites will allow paid or sometimes even free press releases to be published on the site.

Just a simple Google search for advertorial press releases will yield quite a few results.

It is important to pick the site that will give the press release the most exposure with the demographic the game targets.

The shares that the site gets via social media and republishing will help the reach of a single press release reach a large amount of people in a matter of hours or days.

Letting influential authors on the Internet get a sneak preview of an app in order to review it is a great way to get the name of the app out there.

Intriguing people is half of the battle when it comes to promoting a new app. If there is no budget for commercials then content marketing is the most valuable tool a smaller gaming startup could take advantage of.

Creating a buzz should be the main goal of the content marketing team before a launch.

Social Media

Using social media to promote an app or any app is important as many app development startups can be low on cash so they might not being able to put a large amount of money into their marketing plan.

Twitter is a great place to engage with others in the tech community. It is important to tweet and retweet things that aren’t directly about the app that is being launched but rather things that will be interesting to followers.

Social media accounts that have a sole purpose of promoting just one thing seem spammy and people unfollow them quickly.

Nobody wants to read something that sounds like a commercial while they are scrolling through their Twitter feed.

With this being said, promote the app being launched but make sure that the social media manager for the application realizes that it is more important to engage with possible downloaders than to advertise to them.

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Whether you consider Reddit a social media platform or not it should be known that Reddit is powerful in certain communities.

The technology community is one where sparking interest can lead to thousands of downloads in a matter of days.

Going viral on Reddit can be difficult but with insider tips about an app whether it be tips for a game or instructions to use an app effectively, conversation could be sparked which could generate copious amounts of interest.

Get in Front of Others In the Industry

There are plenty of conferences that are attended by thousands in every industry. Offering to speak at one of these conferences not only legitimizes an app startup but it also can make a developer or designer a thought leader in the industry.

Nothing can get a buzz going about the app more quickly than a great presentation given on the industry the app will help benefit.

It is possible that public speaking terrifies one or all of the staff; technology has made it easy to get the word out with any speaking in front of people.

An entertaining and informative podcast can garner attention in the industry and customers of this industry.

This can be a great place to promote the new app but remember to not make the podcast a long commercial for the app.

Just like social media, it is important to engage with others so answering listener questions is a great way to engage with the audience of potential downloaders.

Creating a great  app is difficult but promoting it in the world where millions of applications are created a year can seem impossible.

Standing out from the crowd can be a good or bad thing to do not try anything too extreme.

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As long as the app is promoted in an efficient and effective manner, then all that has to be worried about is the game itself. Create a great  app and promote it in the right fashion then hope to reach Flappy Bird success.

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