Laundry Equipment Leasing Pricing and Costs

By Thomas Langford, writer
Dec 08, 2010
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Save money by leasing laundry equipment

If you have a business that requires the use of washers and dryers, chances are, at some point, you've thought about leasing laundry equipment. The decision to lease laundry equipment can provide you with modern machines, while you save your capital funds for other business expenses. Additionally, laundromat equipment leasing will help you avoid having to pay for expensive repairs if the machines break down.

Laundry equipment leasing pricing and costs can vary widely depending on whether you lease new or refurbished laundry equipment, what type of equipment you lease, and how much equipment you need. So, before you sign a laundromat equipment lease, ask yourself:

1. Do you need a laundry equipment lease for a coin-operated laundromat business?

2. Do you want to lease laundry equipment for private business use in a place such as a hotel or restaurant?

3. And, do you need laundry equipment financing?

Lease laundry equipment for a laundromat business

If you want to open a new laundromat or replace the machines in an existing laundromat, then you may want to consider leasing laundry equipment. Leasing laundry equipment will reduce your initial expenses, compared to buying. The exact cost depends on how many machines you get and the make and model of the machines. But, expect to pay somewhere around a couple thousand dollars per month for 20 to 30 machines.

Lease laundry equipment to wash and dry linens at your business

For a couple hundred dollars per month, you can avoid having to purchase, maintain and repair washing machines and dryers at your restaurant, hotel or other non-laundromat business. A laundry equipment lease lets you focus on your business, and not worry about whether the linens will get clean.

Obtain laundry equipment financing

If you need to obtain a large number of machines, then you may have trouble closing the deal without laundry equipment financing. Financing laundry equipment can be done through many major suppliers, and financing rates are as low as 8%.
  • Leasing laundry equipment can provide your business with tax savings. If you decide to lease, then be sure to mention it to your accountant.
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