Laws and Regulations for Food Service Posters / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

As a restaurant owner or manager, you've seen other restaurants display a variety of restaurant safety posters in their kitchens ...

As a restaurant owner or manager, you've seen other restaurants display a variety of restaurant safety posters in their kitchens and utility rooms. But you've never heard that there are specific laws requiring restaurants to exhibit these posters. You want to ensure that your food establishment complies with all federal, state and local regulations. And, even if there are no laws requiring you to exhibit restaurant food posters, you'd like to know why your colleagues are following this practice anyway.

The answer is that some states require restaurants to display these posters and, even in states that don't, restaurants do it because it helps them comply with food safety laws. Displaying these posters in your business shows your public that you're serious about ensuring a safe food supply and shows your employees you're serious about providing a safe working environment. Sources for laws and regulations for food service posters include:

1. Learn about federal and state agencies that provide information and literature regarding restaurant posters.

2. Get copies of a food handling poster from your state restaurant association.

3. Find out about food safety and food service posters from consumer advocacy groups.

Find the federal and state codes relating to food safety posters

Federal agencies and state governments help restaurants create a safe working environment by informing them of standard practices, such as proper hand washing and how to check food product temperatures, that are displayed on restaurant posters.
FDA's comprehensive database for food safety education posters that you can download and display in your restaurant. Get information and posters from the New Jersey Department of Health food and drug safety website. Read legislation requiring food allergen posters in restaurants in the State of New Hampshire.

Seek guidance about food handling posters from trade associations

Most trade associations can help you learn more about the practice of using restaurant posters. These associations can also provide you with a hand washing poster or a poster with practical tips on how to avoid kitchen accidents.

Follow standards for food safety posters set by concerned citizens groups

As you search for the laws and regulations on food service posters in your state, you'll find that consumer groups offer guidance and literature on displaying these posters in your business.

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