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Lawsuit Records Search

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Run a lawsuit records search to arm yourself with crucial facts

If your business is contemplating partnering with another company or entity, it is often useful to find lawsuits in which your potential partner may have been involved. If a look at a lawsuit database or two shows that your potential business partner is involved in legal battles, that is vital information. If you are in the legal field, of course, you may run more than one lawsuit search as research for upcoming cases.

Just as there is more than one reason for a lawsuit records search, there is more than one way to find lawsuits. You can access a lawsuit database online for free, run a paid lawsuit search or even hire a company to run hand-checked lawsuit records search services. In almost all cases, lawsuits leave a paper trail of public records and every lawsuit public record search hones in on these records to help you find the information you are looking for. When conducting a lawsuit record search, consider:

1. Double-checking any free lawsuit public records for accuracy.

2. Confirming any information you find through paid records sites to ensure you aren’t dealing with a case of mistaken identity.

3. Seeking services that hand-check lawsuit records.

Conduct a free lawsuit public records search

For quick information about lawsuits, a free online public lawsuit records search is ideal. Many of these free services allow you to search for multiple records, including arrest records, court records and criminal records. While not all the information on these databases is completely up-to-date and accurate, a free search is a good starting place.

Run a paid lawsuit record search

As you search for lawsuits, you will want to look up civil as well as criminal public records, and while many criminal records are available online for free, civil records are often available through paid lawsuit lookup sites. These sites usually charge a nominal fee and allow members to access and search a database discreetly. These paid services are often more streamlined than free searches--a good option if you are short on time.

Hire a service to run custom lawsuit record searches

Many legal professionals and private investigators who use public record and lawsuit searches note that online databases often contain errors. These professionals recommend that if you need to look up lawsuits for a legal case or to make an important business decision, using a customized lawsuit lookup service may be the best option. Although getting someone to research lawsuits for you can cost more, it ensures that records are hand-checked for accuracy.

  • Another option for getting information about lawsuits is to hire a private investigator. If your business runs many lawsuit searches, you can often hire a PI on retainer. A PI can provide you with verified and accurate information that has been accurately checked, which is important if you will be using lawsuit information for legal cases or for decision-making.
  • Keep in mind that most lawsuit searches are in fact public records searches and contain many types of records that are not relevant. Looking through these databases does take some time and effort.
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