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Blogging Your Way to Lead Generation Success

Business.com / Last Modified: July 5, 2018
Image credit: Undrey/Shutterstock

Companies can and should leverage their blogs to increase lead generation.

It’s no secret that content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand. It’s one of the reasons why more and more companies are making their blogs a priority. In 2016, 36 percent of Fortune 500 companies reported having public blogs, up from 23 percent since 2010. When done correctly, blogging can help establish businesses as an authority in their industry. Perhaps even more telling is a blog’s power to increase website traffic by an average of 55 percent. But what companies really want to know is how to convert those viewers into customers. That’s why we’ve developed a guide for improving your blog’s lead generation marketing strategy.

Here are a few tips to create a blog that generates leads. 

Hone in on keywords

To gain a competitive edge, companies need to craft relevant content that gains the attention of potential customers. Researching keyword opportunities is the first step in attracting the right leads. This means pinpointing what your target audience searches for online and then utilizing your findings as the foundation of your blog content. 

For instance, when working with one of our clients in the financial technology space we were able to gain deep insights by monitoring the search habits of their audience. Once we had an extensive list of their top keywords, we developed an editorial calendar with high-quality, conversion-oriented blog posts. Today, their blog is their biggest source of customers, with 57 percent of their clients originating from their blog. 

Companies can further optimize content for blogs by analyzing results and seeing which topics resonated with their core audiences and produced the most engagement. When businesses speak directly to their reader’s interests, SEO goes up and so does the likelihood of generating leads. 

Be consistent

According to Hubspot, “Companies that blog 20 or more times in a month see the most return in traffic and leads.” Maintaining a frequent blog output has a direct impact on establishing credibility with your target audience. When you follow a strict publishing schedule, your blog becomes a reliable resource for readers.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that more isn’t necessarily better if your blogs lack value or a unique angle. Producing high-quality posts on a regular basis is the best way to increase SEO. In the case of our financial technology client, we developed an editorial calendar that published two posts a week and the client has seen their organic search traffic double year after year. This schedule results in significantly fewer than 20 posts per month, but the focused nature of the posts ensures that readers gain something from reading the blog. You want an active blog, but that doesn't mean you should force posts. 

Close with a call-to-action

Once you’ve managed to get eyes on your blog posts, you want to make it as easy as possible for viewers to find your landing page. Without a proper CTA, converting those visitors into potential customers can be difficult. By strategically placing a CTA link or button at the bottom of your blog post, you invite readers to take immediate action. 

Smart CTAs, or CTA’s that change depending on the type of viewer, can be even more effective, since they show the right message to the right visitor at the ideal time.

In today’s saturated market, companies aren’t doing enough to beat out competitors in their niche by simply creating content. However, they can position themselves ahead of the game when they take the necessary steps to produce an optimized blog that drives lead generation success. By focusing on keywords, consistency and calls-to-action, companies can turn an active blog into a monetizable tool. 


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