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In a world of content overload, it can be difficult to get focused and study what's important. Here are three ways to make it happen.

There are 27 million pieces of content shared online every day, which can make focusing on what’s important can be difficult. There’s simply too much clutter out there that distracts you from moving forward.

When my clients come to me, they are simply overwhelmed by the amount of news, blogs, opinions, social media links, insights, and general media they’re expected to consume, making it difficult for them to form a cohesive, clear plan for success.

Although many have difficulty articulating this challenge, I think it’s fair to say that it’s substantial and much more common than you think. For those of you who are having trouble unraveling the tangled ball of yarn known as the internet, here are the next steps you should take:

Choose two influencers to follow 

While most industries have dozens of influencers, you will drive yourself crazy trying to follow them all. And often times, the reasons that they’re influencers is because they have a diverse range of opinions, experiences, and stances within your industry, making it challenging to follow [and trust] what they’re saying. 

Here’s what I recommend: pick two. Follow these two people on social media, read their blog posts, listen to their podcasts and trust their thoughts. If their stances resonate with you, stick with it. Follow them every day for a month and document everything you learn from them. Once you feel that you have a solid grasp on these thought leaders, pick two new people. 

Ultimately, retaining information and progressing in your learning isn’t about cramming in tons content - it’s about F.O.C.U.S: Follow One Course Until Success.

Take online courses

Online courses and webinars are a helpful tool to better yourself, which has become more prominent in the last few years. 

The problem with reading multiple publications and blog posts is that they only offer a small piece of the story. You aren’t going to learn everything about a new career path, skillset or opportunity from one article, right? You’ll only delve into one very small part, and then you’ll be left with questions.

This is the beauty of webinars and online courses, they are packed with highly-detailed, easily digestible, start-to-finish content. The courses take you through everything you need to know about the topic. This isn’t to say that every course and webinar is high-quality, but when you discover a good one, you’ll know. Invest your time in online courses that will teach you what you need to know.

Find an awesome mentor

When I first began freelancing, I worked with a mentor. At the time, I didn’t even realize that he was a mentor. He was just a friend who was generous enough to guide me through my initial freelancing stages. 

Looking back on those months, I see that I developed the base of my career from him. As someone who was very experienced and knowledgeable in my industry, I was able to absorb his information like a sponge.

My mentor was valuable to me not only because he was able to provide me with insight, feedback, and guidance. He tailored this feedback and guidance so it was specific to me, my goals, and my interests. 

Getting a coach is more than someone to bounce ideas off of, it’s someone to help you create a customized strategy specific to your needs. And that advantage is priceless.

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 Photo credit: David M G/Shutterstock

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