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While opening letters with your fingers may seem simple enough, that process pales in comparison to using a good mail opener. An ...

While opening letters with your fingers may seem simple enough, that process pales in comparison to using a good mail opener. An envelope opener allows you to work quickly and efficiently to open mail with one swipe and without cutting your fingers.

You can use letter openers in your business in a variety of ways. Besides giving one to anyone in your business that regularly opens the mail, consider customized envelope openers as promotional items. You can also find letter openers for sale that make very nice business gifts. When shopping for an envelope opener, consider the following:

1. Get the mail opener that suits your needs; don't spend hundreds of dollars for an expensive automatic letter opener if you don't open lots of mail.

2. Letter openers make good promotional items because even if executives at a trade show don't open their own mail, they'll likely take promotional letter openers home to their assistants or secretaries.

3. Understand the difference between chadders (slices off the top 1/8-inch of the envelope) and slitters (slices through top seam) as you shop for electric letter openers.

Buy customized envelope openers as promotional giveaways

Custom letter openers serve as a great way to promote your business. You can stock a basket full of letter openers with your name and phone number in plain sight of your customers and clients, and attach a card to the basket urging people to take one home. They also make excellent giveaways at trade shows.

Purchase a letter opener for yourself or your assistant

You can always buy a traditional letter opener, but you may also want to take a look at the letter opening machines available online, and at most office supply retail stores.

Order a special letter opener as a business-related gift

Letter openers make nice gifts for office professionals who open lots of mail. You can personalize them or find ones to match their personality.

  • If electric letter openers appeal to you, ensure they will handle the size envelopes your routinely receive. Most letter opening machines will open envelopes up to 6 x 10 inch size.

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