Linking Cells From One Spreadsheet to Another / Technology / Last Modified: December 13, 2017

It's surprisingly easy steps required to link one spreadsheet to another.

For those of you who have put a lot of work into adding formulas in one spreadsheet and you don t want to have to duplicate that same work on another spreadsheet, consider adding the results of that one spreadsheet in a second spreadsheet. I already know what you re thinking. What if those results change?

In Excel 2007, there s a way to add cell contents from one spreadsheet to another that will be recalculated if the data changes. That s right. If the values of an individual cell changes and that change affects the results of the first spreadsheet, the second spreadsheet reflects those changes automatically.

Let me show you the surprisingly easy steps required to link one spreadsheet to another:

The first thing you need to do is to create a workbook that has two separate spreadsheets.

Let s give the first spreadsheet the name ss1. Scroll to the bottom of the Excel page and right-click the tab that s labeled  Sheet 1 . Select the Rename option and type in ss1.

Now we need to make the second spreadsheet. Do the same thing for Sheet 2, but name this one ss2. 

 Let's set up a simple formula on spreadsheet ss2. In the A1 cell, enter 5. Then in the B1 cell, enter 4. Now add the two cells up by clicking in the C1 cell and then clicking the Formula tab and entering: =SUM(A1,B1)

Press Enter and you should see a 9 in the C1 cell, as shown in this image. 

 You can now bring that C1 cell into your other spreadsheet, ss1. At the bottom of the screen, click on the ss1 spreadsheet. Add a link from C1 on ss2 to A1 on ss1. Click on A1 then click on the Insert tab on the ribbon. Select the Hyperlink icon.

In the address field, type in: =ss2!C1

You should now see the results of the ss2 spreadsheet in the A1 cell of the ss1 spreadsheet. 

 Now whenever you change the fields on ss2 (affecting the sum in C1, the results will update automatically from sheet to sheet.

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