Magazine Circulation and Distribution

By John R. Hall, writer
Jul 22, 2010
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Getting the most out of changes in world of Magazine Circulation and Distribution

The publishing world is turning away from traditional magazine distribution models as magazine circulation numbers dip. As publishers see magazine circulation figures, they turn to "new-age" magazine distribution companies and consultants to keep up with changing trends.

Magazine circulation information reveals that more and more readers are getting their information from the Internet and less from print publications. That may sound like a bad thing, but it opens up even more opportunities for distributors, especially those whose livelihood depends on strong business magazine circulation numbers.

Convert magazine circulation data into a positive, rather than a negative. High numbers in magazine circulation and distribution depend on how well you can locate the best markets and the best magazines to reach those markets. Use the following information:

1. The "A" list of magazine distribution companies in the U.S.

2. Data on how distribution of magazines occurs across various business markets.

3. How magazine circulation companies/web portals can help with finding and retaining subscribers.

Make your magazine circulation numbers grow by talking to marketing experts

The old days of door-to-door magazine distribution are over. You need to use the most modern means of reaching your audience to compile a wealth of magazine distribution information and trends.

Build a strong magazine circulation database prior to launch

Since distribution of magazines is a critical part of any successful magazine launch, you need as much information about potential subscribers and how to reach them. After all, no magazine distribution program can be effective without a strong magazine circulation base.

Use the latest software to increase your magazine circulation figures

Take advantage of powerful software applications to learn how to efficiently manage subscriber lists, set up circulation reports, and keep renewal rates up.
  • There are enough new markets and new ideas to dispel the doom and gloom of traditional magazine circulation and distribution numbers. Use the resources available to you to establish new methods to increase circulation and target improved distribution.
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