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Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Ink for Canon Printers

ByB. Lumadue, writer
Jun 18, 2011
> Business Basics

Print your own checks with Canon MICR ink

Magnetic ink character recognition ink for Canon Printers allows companies to print checks on Canon printers. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition -- commonly known as MICR -- is used to print the account number, routing number and check number information, as well as other information and characters, at bottom of a check. These characters must be printed with MICR ink to be read by check sorting machines. Characters printed with laser or inkjet ink will be rejected and subject to a fee.

With current technology, it's simple and fairly inexpensive for a company to print it's own checks. Printing checks in-house offers enhanced security and lower banking fees. There are several options and things to be aware of when you decide to print checks with Canon magnet ink recognition ink:

1. Canon MICR toner, used in Canon laser printers, copiers and multifunction machines like the Imagerunner;

2. Special ink that is used in inkjet printers and mobile printers for portable check printing;

3. Financial software that integrates check printing and check stock.

Purchase OEM Canon Magnetic Printer Ink Online

You can purchase OEM MICR toner for the model of your printer to be sure you get the right toner.

Save with Remanufactured Canon MICR Toner Cartridge Suppliers

Remanufactured toner is distributed by third party companies rather than the original manufacturer. You can get great savings with remanufactured toner, but often the quality is not as good as OEM toner.

Get Canon Printer MICR Toner From a Check Supply Store

A check supply store is a specialty vendor that can help you get started with printing checks. They offer check stock and other check printing supplies, and can offer guidance and security advice, as well as reduced shipping prices when you order all supplies together.

Get Canon Printer MICR Ink for Inkjet Printers

VersaInk is a magnetic cartridge used in inkjet printers and can be used in many Canon inkjet printers or digital imaging copiers.

  • Keep MICR ink for Canon printers away from heat and sunlight that can damage the products.
B. Lumadue
B. Lumadue
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