Mail Boxes Laws and Regulations

By Emily Lugg, writer
Jan 12, 2011
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Ensure the safety of the contents in your home and office mailboxes

As property of the federal government it is important that you are versed on mail boxes laws and regulations in order to properly install and maintain postal equipment for your business. To keep your business running efficiently, you can't take any chances with lost or tampered with mail. Becoming familiar with mail boxes laws and regulations will keep you protected in the case of a violation.

From learning the restrictions of installing custom mailboxes for commercial use to being able to consult customers if you are in the business of selling antique mailboxes or providing any other mailboxes for sale, knowledge is essential. Keep the following in mind when assessing your office and residential mailboxes:

1. It is important to be clear on all mailboxes laws and regulations before purchasing a new mailbox or moving your current one.

2. There are special members of the United States Postal Service who specialize in the safety of your mailbox.

3. Be sure you know who to turn to in the event that someone tampers with your home or office mailboxes.

Know mail boxes laws and regulations

Professional mail carriers are the only ones who can, by law, place anything inside of your outdoor mailboxes. However, this is just one of the many mail boxes laws and regulations. The address must be clearly marked on both residential and office mail boxes. It also needs to be of an appropriate size and strength if located on the street and locking mailboxes must have a large enough slot for mail to pass through. Every mail box from brass mailboxes to brick mailboxes, need to meet all the required regulations in order for the United States Postal Service to deliver. Purchasing commercial mailboxes factory direct can help you to avoid any uncertainty about whether or not your box meets the regulations.

Research who can enforce laws about residential mailboxes

Tampering with mail boxes is a federal crime. Aside from the police, the United States Postal Service has its own protection in place to assure the proper mail boxes laws and regulations are followed. U.S. Postal Inspectors are stationed at post offices across the country to ensure safety and protection to property of the United States Postal Service including custom mailboxes at your home or office.
U.S. Postal Inspection Service explains some of the types of mail fraud schemes.

Know where to turn to report problems with office and home mailboxes

If you have experienced tampering with your home or office mailbox or are aware of a mail fraud scheme, it is important to contact someone who can take action. The United States Postal Service has a process in place for claiming any loss you may experience. If you are a victim of mail fraud you can contact the authorities or council that will be able to help you seek justice.

  • If you are in the business of selling custom mailboxes, ensure that your products meet all law and regulatory requirements prior to stocking your shelves with inventory.
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