Major Motivators: How to Boost Your Sales Team's Performance / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Your aim should be to create a fun, goal-oriented culture where your reps can engage in friendly competition and be sure of great rewards.

“My sales team isn’t motivated,” is one of the common statements you’ll hear from many CEOs, presidents and top level executives.

Unfortunately, nagging won’t get you anywhere. In fact, you’ll only be driving your skilled personnel to your competitors.

Instead, your goal should be to create a fun, goal-oriented culture where your reps can engage in friendly competition and be sure of great rewards.

Here are five ideas to trigger your own creativity and inspire you to come up with great ways to motivate your sales team.

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1. Reward the Team with Toys, Games or Gadgets

Though the idea of games, toys, or gadgets may seem like the perfect way to further distract your unmotivated team, you’ll actually motivate your employees to work harder to hit metrics.

Even if you can’t pay for luxurious chair massagers, you can show your team members how much you appreciate them using a ping pong table, stand up desk converter, or bean bag chairs.

2. Make People Want to Come to Work for Fun

Unmotivated personnel have to drag themselves out of bed and into your office.

However, you can make them rush to work by creating a fun environment. The easiest way to pull this off is by establishing fun rewards for great achievements.

For instance, a closed deal will result in playing the salesperson’s favorite song and maybe a team dance. Yesware treats its employees to a happy hour they call Beer o'Clock every Friday at 4:30 p.m.

Employees drink responsibly while sharing the highs and lows from the week. As a result, the team grows closer and members motivate one another.

3. Get Spouses Involved

The spouse and children of salespeople may be one of the reasons they’re unmotivated, especially if they complain about not having their family member around even when they’re physically there.

By getting the spouse involved, you can have them motivate your sales team member at home as well. In return, you can promise their spouses a tempting bonus or even deliver a "Thank You" box of cupcakes.

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4. Recognize Achievements Publically

Recognizing the achievements of your sales reps will boost their morale. You can have the entire office join in for a ceremony where the highest achiever is crowned for being the best.

You can then have them wear the crown for a week or display it in their cubicles. However, make this ceremony worthwhile by assigning a few leadership duties to the newly crowned king or queen of sales.

For instance, they can lead the team chant or provide a 10-minute training session to new members.

Make sure to show how much you value your salespeople and their achievements so that they can begin a friendly competition that keeps them eager to be crowned.

5. Celebrate Rejections As Well

As crazy as it may sound, you can motivate your team by rewarding them for the number of rejections they get.

At Fuelzee, the person with the highest number of rejections receives a $100 gift card every week.

To prevent your team from getting the wrong idea though, set a larger prize for those getting a, "yes" often.

If you need an incentive to try this method, CEO and founder of Fuelzee, Dan McGaw reports that his company doubled its outbound calls in addition to motivating the whole team.

6. Ramp Up Bonuses

When a new employee joins your team, they’ll be nervous. Hopefully they’re nervous because they want to do well in their exciting new job, instead of feeling anxiety about having potentially made a wrong choice.

To help them feel the right kind of excited, offer a ram-up bonus that grows with performance and seniority.

Provide the team with a clear path forward that gives them a vision of ever-increasing bonuses and personal prosperity.

This will help solidify new hires that they’ve made an amazing choice for their career (assuming you’ve done an effective job of communicating a positive future vision).

For a sales team it’s incredibly important to create a high-energy, high-reward culture.

Get the blood flowing with the suggestions in point two and build up excitement. Your supervisors need to be human caffeine shots that amp up the teams they lead to acheive greatness for themselves and your brand.

Before applying these methods, though, you need to teach your team that rejection doesn’t mean the end of the line.

Marketing Wizdom reports that 92 percent of salespeople give up after getting rejected four times.

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In fact, 44 percent of salespeople give up after a single "No". This means that your sales reps are missing on sales opportunities because they aren’t effectively following up on leads.

While this also indicates that a majority of your competitors aren’t faring too well either, you need to get everyone in shape and ensure high motivation levels to help sales.

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