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In a day and age where running a business is even more challenging as a result of a sluggish economy, finding the right business plan as...

In a day and age where running a business is even more challenging as a result of a sluggish economy, organizing the right business plan as a start-up or experienced business owner is critical.

It should come as no surprise that having enough fundingto open and keep a business running smoothly or maintaining an older business should be at the top of the importance list. Without sufficient funds and sound financial management, a business able to open in the first place or only around for a few years is likely to have a limited life span.

One of the most important facets of the business plan is the budget.

To get things running in the right direction, businesses need to have a sound financial plan in place so that they are not bleeding red every few months and watching both cash flow and savings dwindle. Given the fact that many businesses open with a large investment of savings from one or more individuals or receive assistance from small business loan companies in their first few years, it is important to get the most for one's investment.

When developing the plan, successful companies lay out an overview of their potential market, how the competition operates and where they may be vulnerable. Keeping history in perspective when laying out this plan helps determine the finances to come. reviewing previous year's costs can help see where the fat can be trimmed.

Along these same lines, review each and every one of your employee's contributions to the company, all major vendor purchases and marketing ventures (email campaigns, advertising, etc.) to make sure ownership is getting its money's worth.

One last thing to think about is who will oversee the books (for more information on bookkeeping, click here). Some business owners want to be very hands-on when it comes to the books, while others will farm out this responsibility.

Business owners need to be sure that whoever is overseeing the books requires all expenditures are documented, especially in the event the IRS has some questions down the road. Having someone else to handle the financial books also means one less task for the business owner/s to worry about.

Running a business certainly comes with its challenges, but the rewards can be many.

Have you made it your business to run a successful operation?

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