Making the Most of Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania / Insurance / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Making the most of auto insurance in Pennsylvania requires that you choose the right auto insurance company. You will need to ensure ...

Making the most of auto insurance in Pennsylvania requires that you choose the right auto insurance company. You will need to ensure that your auto insurance is able to handle your claims efficiently, fairly and quickly. You may want to check a database of national claims for any complaints on a company. Another strategy is to check with your state's insurance department for the number of consumer complaints on a company compared to the number of policies it sold.

You should also feel comfortable with your method of purchasing automotive insurance in Pennsylvania. You can buy insurance from a local agent, directly from the company or online. Auto insurance consists of the following types of coverage:

  1. Liability coverage for personal injury and property damage; auto insurance companies in Pennsylvania should provide the minimum coverage that the state requires;
  2. Property coverage; this pays for damages and theft of your vehicle;
  3. Medical coverage that pays for treating injuries and rehabilitation; this may also cover funeral expenses and lost wages.

Find out more about the laws regarding Pennsylvania auto insurance coverage

Each state has its own laws regarding auto insurance. These laws cover such issues as the minimum liability coverage, acceptable proof of financial responsibility and the procedure for obtaining license plates in Pennsylvania.

Get quotes on Pennsylvania auto insurance rates

There are many websites that provide insurance quotes online based on specific information about your vehicle. These websites may also provide other information on car insurance.

Find more information on Pennsylvania auto insurance from insurance companies

Car insurance companies in Pennsylvania frequently may be more familiar with local insurance regulations than national competitors. They may also offer articles on car insurance in Pennsylvania.
  • Get price quotes from at least three different Pennsylvania auto insurance companies. You may also be able to get a comparison of prices charged by major providers of car insurance. Pennsylvania premiums will also be partially based on your vehicle's sticker price, repair costs, safety record and likelihood of theft.
  • Join a state assigned risk pool if you have difficulty finding auto insurance in Pennsylvania. Each insurer in a state assigned risk pool must accept the drivers that are assigned to it and keep the profit or pay the loss associated with that customer.

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