Making the Most of Cleaning Supplies / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

As you watch your bottom line for your business, don’t overlook ways you might be making the most of cleaning supplies. While ...

As you watch your bottom line for your business, don’t overlook ways you might be making the most of cleaning supplies. While this may seem like an inconsequential item to consider, you know your business must be clean in attract customers and to retain employees. So cleaning supplies are an essential item to your business, just as copier paper is.

There is much talk today about “green” or “Earth-friendly” products. Initially many of these cleaning supplies were expensive, but now many of them are as affordable as more familiar products. More and more cleaning supply companies are providing green products as a way to help you make the most of cleaning supplies.

Since cleaning supplies are essential to any business, here are some guidelines that anyone with a business can follow:

1. Train employees to use the minimum amount of cleaning supplies necessary to do the cleaning task. This not only cuts down waste, it saves money.

2. Look for new products that require the use of less cleaning solution to do the job.

3. Consider buying products you mix with water, rather than a ready-to-use form.

Buy cleaning supplies in bulk quantities

This is the most obvious way to make the most of your cleaning budget. Buy only the products you need. Consider buying multi-purpose products to save even more money.

Look at "green" cleaning supplies

Since many environmentally friendly products are coming down in price, you can find good deals on bulk cleaning supplies. Look for reputable cleaning supply providers who also care about their product's impact on the environment.

Use common household ingredients to make your cleaning supplies

Take the time to create inexpensive cleaners that are non-toxic as well. Purchase the ingredients in advance and mix them as needed to make the appropriate cleaner.
  • No matter what type cleaning supplies you choose for your business, be sure your staff knows how to handle the cleaning products properly. Any cleaning product can cause a problem if the person responsible uses it off-label.

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