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Making the Most of Commercial Rotisseries

Kim Finn

Make your food service business more successful with a chicken commercial rotisserie

If you own a convenience store, restaurant, catering business or even an equipment rental business, consider adding to your product line with commercial rotisseries. As a new business idea, perhaps you've considered supplying homemade rotisserie creations to local grocery stores and restaurants and now need to buy a rotisserie commercial oven. Because of its convenience and great taste, rotisserie chicken has surged in popularity during the last several years. With more than 750 million sold each year, primarily in grocery stores and club stores, you could operate a pretty healthy business by incorporating chicken rotisserie equipment into your inventory.

You’ll find rotisseries for sale in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, you can buy pig rotisseries and chicken rotisseries, in-ground rotisseries, table top rotisseries, electric, gas or even a commercial charcoal rotisserie. If you're wondering how to make the most of commercial rotisseries, keep in mind the benefits rotisserie cooking will provide you and your customers:

1. A rotisserie oven cooks off most of the fat while rotating on a spit.

2. Commercial chicken rotisseries make basting a breeze.

3. Poultry prepared in chicken rotisseries stays moist because rotisseries cook the meat evenly and allow it to maintain its own juices.

Compare commercial rotisserie cookers and rotisserie equipment before buying

Pay attention to the descriptions of the rotisseries that interest you to make sure you're getting what you need. Besides the rotisserie itself, you also need to consider any supplies or accessories you might need.

Arm yourself with tips and recipes for roasting with commercial rotisseries

Not only does chicken cooked in a rotisserie commercial oven taste good by itself (seasoned, injected or marinated), but the same chicken works extremely well in recipes calling for cooked/roasted chicken.

Increase your commercial rotisserie business - buy a towable rotisserie commercial oven

Take your catering business, convenience store or restaurant to the next step with a towable rotisserie. You can draw customers in with the mouth-watering aroma while cooking in your parking lot, at a catered event or at a cooking competition.

Share nutritional data for poultry prepared in commercial rotisserie cookers with customers

Regardless of whether you lease rotisseries to customers or use them to roast your own chicken for sale or as a menu item, you'll better serve your customers if you understand the nutritional value of poultry roasted in a rotisserie oven.
USDA Agriculture Research Service to learn what types of research focus on the nutrient value of commercial rotisserie prepared poultry. At Nutrition Data, you'll find all the nutrition data you could possibly want for deli-cut rotisserie turkey.
  • If you own a restaurant or catering business, look for recipes that let you prepare your meat, poultry or pork in your rotisserie ovens ahead of time. You can shred the meat after it cools and then freeze it for when you need it.
  • For making the most of commercial rotisseries, ensure you shape or position the meat or poultry uniformly on all sides to ensure even cooking. Truss a turkey or chicken to prevent the wings from hanging freely.
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Kim Finn