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Making the most of employee recognition can help you make the most of your business opportunities. By recognizing the efforts of your ...

Making the most of employee recognition can help you make the most of your business opportunities. By recognizing the efforts of your staff members, you foster a better working environment and generate employee loyalty to you and your company.

Make employee awards and recognition public. Gather your staff together and present the appropriate personnel with the recognition they deserve. Not only will the recipient be motivated by the recognition but so will the rest of your staff members. Recognition can even generate higher staff productivity, as other employees strive to be recognized by the company.

1. Present your staff members with employee recognition certificates and other inexpensive but valuable rewards.

2. Offer corporate recognition rewards that match the achievement.

3. Hire professionals to create employee recognition programs.

Give employee recognition certificates that are inexpensive but mean a lot

You don't have to break the bank to reward employees for their contributions to the company. Awarding recognition certificates that are customized and suitable for framing is a good way to recognize staff achievements while keeping your recognition budget in hand. Choose from options that include companies that complete the certificate for you and ship it to you or purchasing certificate paper from your local office supply store and printing the certificates in your office.

Present employee recognition awards of varying reward levels

Let's face it: Some achievements deserve more than a certificate and a pat on the back. In order to have a successful employee recognition program, it's necessary to match the achievement to the recognition gift. Offering engraved glass awards, for example, is an elegant and sophisticated way to provide recognition for your employees' efforts. Select awards that can be engraved for a more personal touch.
State of Kansas has an excellent outline of its employee award and recognition program that includes recognition award ideas for all levels of service. Baudville has several styles of employee recognition glass awards that can be customized to suit your needs.

Rely on the pros to design employee recognition programs

Contact a professional to help you assess the type of recognition program you should implement in order to bring out the best in your employees. Regardless of whether you want to create a large program with formal presentations or one that uses handwritten thank you notes, these experts can help you make recognition a natural part of your professional environment.
  • Making the most of employee recognition means providing recognition that's meaningful to the employee. Consider gift cards redeemable at several locations like gas stations or restaurants so you know your employees will benefit from their employee recognition gifts.

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