Making the Most of Holiday Cards / Financial Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Holiday cards are a great way of letting loyal customers and potential business relationships alike know that you are thinking of them ...

Holiday cards are a great way of letting loyal customers and potential business relationships alike know that you are thinking of them and appreciate them. A simple card at the holidays can serve as both a thank you as well as a reminder of the good service you have provided to customers over the past year.

Being strategic about your company's holiday card is important when making the most of holiday cards. Be sure to put thought into your business holiday cards because they can send the wrong message if not thought through completely. Consider the following when sending out your holiday cards for business:

1. Choose simple holiday cards so you are sure to include everyone no matter what holidays they celebrate.

2. Customized holiday cards can be used to show a more personal side of your company.

3. Sending out different holiday cards for current customers and potential customers will allow you to customize the message.

Choose simple corporate holiday cards that are all inclusive

With the wide variety of holidays that your customers celebrate, make life easier and choose cards that can include everyone. Choose a holiday card that has a winter scene or a nature landscape. These types of holiday cards can apply to everyone, no matter what holidays they do or do not celebrate. This prevents you from having to worry about who celebrates what and having to have multiple versions of holiday cards.

Customize your holiday cards to show another side of your company

During the year, most likely, you are all business. Depending on the type of relationship you have with your customers, consider having a card made that is more whimsical and shows a more personal side of you and your company; maybe a side of you that your customers will best relate to. You can have customized cards made online with pictures and logos that make them specific to you or your customer. Ordering in bulk can help you to get discount holiday cards.

Remember that holiday cards for potential customers and current customers may take a different angle

Think about sending out different styles of holiday cards. Holiday cards for your current customers could show a "thank you" or "thinking of you" type of theme, while a card to potential customers could be more of a "looking forward to meeting you" or "remember us" type of message. Consider the image you want each of the groups to have of your company when choosing your holiday cards.
  • Take the time to personally sign your corporate holiday cards. Physically signing the cards yourself will show your customers you have made the extra effort.

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