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Making the most of human relations management theory means focusing on the human aspect of business, and how to utilize humans as a ...

Making the most of human relations management theory means focusing on the human aspect of business, and how to utilize humans as a valuable resource. Without people, your business would not exist, so consider restructuring your organization with a focus on employee relations. Spend the time and money to invest in developing employees and see higher productivity and more success within your organization.

Your time and investment supports the human relations theory of management paradigm which summarizes as: people who feel good about their work seek development and growth, so the individual and the organization benefits. Developing an environment that fosters employee valuation shows trust, respect and support for your employees. When utilizing human relations management, consider the following:

1. Begin following theories of human relations and rid yourself of the hierarchy within your organization.

2. Realize the value of all employees' experience and knowledge using human relations in business.

3. Empower employees to develop motivation using the motivational theory.

Teach lateral communication skills to emphasize human relations in management

Human relation theorists believe a formal hierarchy leaves you unable to utilize all of your resources, so lose the hierarchy and incorporate lateral communication. Lateral communication puts everyone on the same level and encourages employees to problem-solve and coordinate decisions with their team. The freedom to make suggestions and communicate with everyone leads to autonomy and improved decision-making abilities.

Discover the problem-solving abilities of your staff through human relations theories

The human resources theory is an umbrella for the human relations management theories, because both value employee experience and knowledge to improve the organization. More than likely, human resources personnel teach and model how employees can participate in decision-making activities. This participation lets employees utilize their knowledge practically to make decisions and improve their communication skills.

Learn and utilize the motivational theory

Self-motivated employees develop through a decentralized system that encourages them to make autonomous decisions. Implement the structures within your organization that empower employees to negotiate working relationships and effective communication, and these changes result in employees who feel valued and respected. In turn, this leads to a self-motivated desire to achieve and produce.
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  • Using human relations theories means changing the organizational structure and relationships within your business to improve productivity.

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