Making the Most of Leather Apparel for Women / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Women's leather clothing seems limited to shoes and coats when it comes to the average woman: you won't see many ladies' ...

Women's leather clothing seems limited to shoes and coats when it comes to the average woman: you won't see many ladies' leather pants at the office, and leather mini skirts and women's leather vests seem restricted to nightclub wear. So while most general retailers stick to patent leather pumps and mostly unadorned black leather coats for women, leather clothes don't have to have such a limited definition.

Leather is now seen as a versatile luxury material, and average women are buying leather in new ways (lingerie, for example). Most women love the attitude of leather, but aren't sure how to wear it appropriately. If you can offer non-traditional ladies' leather clothing, you can capture a growing market. Take a look at three ways to expand your leather business:

1. Offer a wide variety of women's leather wear.

2. Jump on a growing trend: biker-inspired leather women's apparel.

3. Include leather cleaning services for the leather clothing you sell.

Make the most of the many types of leather women's apparel

Suede, shearling, nubuck, embossed -- there are many different definitions of "leather" out there. To most women, leather clothing may not immediately include these variations because their minds go to the plain leather coats and patent leather shoes for women they most often encounter in stores. Widen the playing field by offering different leathers, and identify them as leather -- many consumers may be unaware that suede and shearling are actually types of leather.

Jump on the biker-chic bandwagon for women's leather outfits

For many years leather jackets and pants were identified as being for biker chicks only, and since biker culture was rebellious, it seemed off-limits to the average woman. But biker cool has entered the mainstream, and the result is biker-inspired leather clothing for women that is at once work-appropriate and biker cool.

Provide care and cleaning for the women's leather clothing you sell

Many women hesitate to buy leather apparel because they are worried it will be ruined by a stain or tear. Making the most of leather apparel for women means offering care after the sale to ease worried minds.
  • Strike a deal with a nearby dry cleaner to send your women's leather wear customers to them in return for a discount. This will sell your products to customers who don't want to attempt their own leather care and cleaning.

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