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Kurt Lewin’s Change Theory provides a functional approach to identify and lead your workforce to embrace change as an approach to ...

Kurt Lewin’s Change Theory provides a functional approach to identify and lead your workforce to embrace change as an approach to conducting business. Making the most of management theory of Kurt Lewin requires implementing the 3-stage process of unfreezing, changing and refreezing. A successful business is responsive to the many changes that take place within work-related groups according to Kurt Lewin. Theory central to Kurt Lewin's methods explores data about opposition to work-related change. Organizational goal setting encourages active employee participation in supporting workplace changes.

Making the most of management theory of Kurt Lewin involves motivating employees by reducing anxiety to change. Kurt Lewin’s methods compel workers to join the effort to shift company direction. Apply Lewin’s theory to offer practical steps to address the motivational barriers and anxiety that hinders change. Lewin’s theory advocates using a cohesive group effort to maximize the potential to bring about organizational changes.

Consider the following steps towards organizational change:

1. Establish goals for each employee according to Lewin’s theory of change.

2. Apply Kurt Lewin’s 3-stage process to create actionable work-related goals.

3. Encourage employee participation to conquer learning anxiety identified by Lewin's management theory through goal-setting.

Equip employees with information about Kurt Lewin

Encourage all employees to express how they can contribute to new workplace changes. Due to the tendency to appreciate routine, one of biggest obstacles to implementing change in a work setting is employee resistance. According to Kurt Lewin's theory of change management, it's imperative to offer new information to overcome motivational barriers and leaning anxiety.

Convey organizational change using management theory

Communicate workplace change in positive terms. Studies show 70% of your employees need to participate in shifting the company in a new direction. Conducting business with leaders and staff willing to successfully execute the new mission leads to lasting change.

Use goal setting software to implement Lewin's theory of change

Goal setting software is an ideal way to measure and evaluate the desired individual, departmental or managerial workplace change over time. Use Kurt Lewin's 3-stage process to set targeted goals related to crucial areas of work-related change. Track accomplishments, follow through and ongoing obstacles and leverage the success of the workplace team against achieving individual goals.
  • Lewin's theory advocates an optimistic work environment to improve the opportunity to achieve individual and company goals.

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