Making the Most of Menu Boards / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Menu boards focus your customer's attention on specials and highlight your restaurant's daily deals. A restaurant sign that is ...

Menu boards focus your customer's attention on specials and highlight your restaurant's daily deals. A restaurant sign that is easy to change offers more time for other important functions in your business. Find interchangeable menu boards and flexibility with LED signs for ease in changing out quotes and specials. Customized restaurant menu boards are another way to reinforce the business theme, concept or style.

Explore the range of options when choosing restaurant signs. There are a variety of size options available to display your menu board if facing limitations with space or location. Consider incorporating photos into your menu boards to showcase visuals of different food options and desserts. Utilize a special value menu that offers lower prices and focus on upselling at the register to boost profits. Use menu boards that allow an easy change between breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

1. Use a menu display that is interchangeable and fast to use.

2. Locate restaurant menu boards that are the ideal size for your establishment.

3. Learn about the differences in lighting and imaging in menu boards when choosing a style.

Consider a simple menu board design to accommodate frequent product changes

Chalkboards and LED designs allow you to change your menu at any given time. Use easily changed menu boards so that you can focus your time on other projects. In addition, utilizing chalkboard signs is an easy way to change your sign just by erasing the old information.

Select the correct size and style to properly display menu signs

Measure the width and dimension for ease in setting up and displaying a menu board in your business. An improperly fitted display can cause unnecessary problems with placement of the menu board.

Evaluate the vast number of menu board lighting choices

Choose restaurant signage that has eye-catching lighting and imaging available with menu displays. There are many different types of lighting such as LED and back-lit imaging and graphic designs. Choose a menu board that focuses your customer's attention on target menu items.
  • Teach employees how to properly use any menu boards that require changing.

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