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If you're committed to writing short stories, there are ways for making the most of short story fiction book publishers and ...

If you're committed to writing short stories, there are ways for making the most of short story fiction book publishers and getting to see your work in print. You can self-publish, of course, but it's far less expensive to find short story book publishers and submit your work directly to them. However, publishers for short stories often don't accept direct submissions, but require you to have an agent, who submits work for you.

There are several ways to get your work in the hands of publishers of short stories. Try these techniques to get their attention:

  1. Find an agent who will represent you and submit your work to short story publishers.
  2. Use submission services to story publishers so you can concentrate on writing.
  3. Enter short story publishing writing contests to get the attention of short story editors.

Seek out a literary agent to represent your stories to short fiction publishers

If you really want your writing to be seen by short stories publishers, then find a literary agent to represent you and your work. They know editors and publishers, and know where to submit your work for consideration. They make the contacts and do the legwork, while you continue to write and produce more short fiction.

Use a submission service to make publishing stories easier

If you're not a full-time writer, you may find it difficult to find the time to write and then submit your work. If you use a submission service, they'll do the submitting for you, which gives you more time to write your short stories. You send them a sample of your writing, they'll evaluate it, and let you know if they think they can help you with submission to short fiction publishers.

Find short story contests to gain the attention of short story book publishers

Large short story contests are often judged by editors from publishing houses publishing short stories. If you gain the attention of the editor, then you may end up publishing a story with that editor. Look for contests that offer a decent prize for the winner, and that are offered by reputable agencies or groups.
  • Publishing a short story is one step on the road toward full-time fiction writing. Work at your craft, take creative writing classes online or in your area, and read about the business of writing in magazines geared specifically to writers. If you're interested in a specific genre of writing, such as romance or suspense, read how-to write books about that genre to learn everything you can about writing.

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