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I had different financial and personal goals in mind that an accounting career could not fulfill. As a result, I researched and...

My name is Joe Barton, and I'm a recovering accountant. By recovering, I mean that I was a certified CPA, but I found out quickly that I had different financial and personal goals in mind that an accounting career could not fulfill.

As a result, I researched and created a whole new venture that has proven to be more enjoyable and successful for me. I'd like to share some insights on how I went from employee to employer by adjusting a few things in my life.

Gain Knowledge from Your Experience

I graduated in 1997 with a BS in Accounting. After graduation, I worked for seven years as a CPA at three different public accounting firms. It didn't take me long to notice that I was making significantly less money than the business owners whose tax returns I was preparing.

In addition, these impresarios didn't put in nearly as many hours as I did. They were able to earn more income in less time and with less frustration. Thus the seed of entrepreneurship was planted, and I started to think about starting my own business.

It began with eBay. In 2002, I started selling things online. I quickly discovered that some people were actually making a full-time income from home via eBay sales. The sale of informational products, (particularly eBooks), really caught my eye. Creating an eBook that could potentially be sold through many outlets to countless readers seemed like a clever business model.

Again, efficiency was a driving force for me.

I could create something once but reap its benefits for a lifetime.

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Research Your Interests

I decided to start researching self-publishing on the Internet. Each night after I got home from my job as a CPA, I would spend a few hours going through a home-study course online. I dabbled in various business ventures in multi-level marketing before I settled on the sale of eBooks on eBay.

After I developed strong marketing strategies, I started to focus on developing my skills as an entrepreneur, copywriter, and website developer. Eventually, I took my publishing venture from eBay to my own websites. It was only a matter of time before my stint as a night entrepreneur was earning me more money than my CPA day job.

I waited until my online business was bringing in three times my salary as an accountant.

Then I took a leap of faith and quit my day job-right before tax season.

Examine the Benefits

Once I took the plunge and became a full-time online entrepreneur, I naturally had more time to devote to my trade. As a result, my business grew astronomically.

Perhaps the most obvious perk of being my own boss is that my income isn't capped; my salary depends on me. The more work I put in, the more I could earn.

In addition, I don't have to spend years working my way up the remuneration totem pole. In my case, I can launch a website, buy some traffic, and start making sales in just a few hours.

Proceed with Intelligence

Most entrepreneurs are defined as risk takers. But I think it's wise to be a calculated risk taker.

I didn't actually quit my job until I was making three times my salary as an accountant. Burning the candle at both ends may be exhausting, but it's only temporary and it's preferable to debt.

If you're afraid to quit your day job completely, you might be able to cut your hours back or work part-time before you take the full plunge.

Either way, you should consider your choices with a clear mind and your focus on the future.

Have a Practical Plan

Many entrepreneurs will tell you that it's all or nothing. In some cases, this might be true to succeed. However, for a large majority of would-be entrepreneurs, practicality is not the enemy. You had professional skills before you began your venture that you still retain..

Entrepreneurs are a huge part of what makes America so great. Entrepreneurs create amazing products, provide millions of jobs, and possess an energy and passion that fuels innovation that spreads throughout the planet. Examine your own goals and passions and join the club.

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Bio: Joe Barton is the founder of Barton Publishing and other websites that promote natural health through teaching people how to cure themselves using alternative home remedies (using simple grocery store items, herbs, vitamins, exercises, and more), instead of expensive and harmful prescription drugs.

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