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When your business decides to choose a managed web hosting service to upkeep and administer its servers, you free the time of key ...

When your business decides to choose a managed web hosting service to upkeep and administer its servers, you free the time of key personnel so they can spend their time building other aspects of your company. It's the job of fully managed dedicated servers to troubleshoot, implement, update, monitor and repair your website. This allows your customers and clients to experience the consistent satisfaction you strive to deliver.

Managed dedicated server hosting has become a very competitive industry, with dozens of companies vying for your dollars. You can separate the wheat from the chaff by focusing on four essential qualities:

1. Managed web hosting services must protect your sensitive data.

2. Your website should experience no network downtime.

3. Managed website hosting services should offer flexible plans to meet your needs.

4. Contacting the customer service department should leave you with a sense of relief, not with confusion or irritation.

Choose a secure managed web hosting service

Whether you're privy to the social security numbers of thousands of clients or you keep a database of the contact information for your customers, you must ensure that your data is safe from hackers. The industry standard is SSL, or secure sockets layer data encryption.

Find reliable managed servers

If you rely on the Internet for the success of your business, your business can only be successful when customers can access your website. You must choose a managed hosting provider who guarantees that the network will be accessible 100% of the time.

Select managed hosting that you can configure to serve your needs

A business that sells fresh baked goods from the home requires different software and bandwidth than one that sells medical supplies to hospitals. Choose a managed server provider that customizes its services to your standards, so you won't pay for more than you need.

Pick a managed dedicated hosting service that meets you at your level of expertise

You are the expert in your business, but you may not be an expert in a web-based environment. Your managed services team must explain their services to you in a language you can understand, and they should offer customer service support around the clock.
  • Even if you find an exemplary managed dedicated web hosting service, unanticipated crises external to your business and the host's services can threaten your data. As you compare services, find out what kind of data back up activities the host regularly provides. A reputable hosting service should have a solid disaster plan and data recovery plan in place to protect your business.

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