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Jobs in management consulting offer high earning potential, in addition to significant job growth anticipated over the next decade. ...

Jobs in management consulting offer high earning potential, in addition to significant job growth anticipated over the next decade. However, there's also high competition for management consulting positions, so it's often recommended that you have a graduate degree, expertise in specific areas, and a knack for both sales and public relations. And because nearly one-third of management consultants are self-employed, they also need to master everything from landing clients to billing.

While some employers and clients will accept an undergraduate business degree, many require a master's in business administration. Beyond that, however, education and training opportunities are generally flexible. There are few formal management consulting training programs, but because management consultants address such a wide range of issues, degrees in everything from accounting to marketing to economics. Management consulting jobs education and training options include:

  1. Earning an undergraduate or graduate degree in business
  2. Getting certified for management consulting employment
  3. Signing up for workshops, seminars and conferences for management consultants

Train for management consultant jobs with a business degree

Before you can advise others in management, you'll need to learn the concept yourself. You'll need at least an undergraduate degree, but to consult, you'll probably also need an MBA. Most universities offer both, and many offer an additional "fast track" or "accelerated" MBA program for executives.
University of Pennsylvania often offer both a traditional and an executive MBA program. Smaller schools, such as The Meinders School of Business at Oklahoma City University, usually offer several MBA options as well.

Get certified in business management consulting

While not a requirement, certification as a consultant does provide you with additional training--not only in management topics, but also in the many aspects of working as a consultant. And, many clients and employers will feel more confident hiring someone with certification.

Take management consulting career workshops, seminars and classes

Associations for management consultants offer conferences, seminars and workshops for every stage of management consulting careers. Beginners can learn how to search for and interview for management consultant positions, and industry veterans can learn about new methods in their field.
UCLA Anderson School of Management offers seminars for students just entering the field, covering everything from resume and interview workshops to a mentoring program. The Association of Management Consulting Firms offers conferences for executives; topics covered include everything from analyzing trends to keeping up with the latest business practices and models.

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