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The management consulting industry has grown by leaps and bounds, so find management consulting publications that can keep you ...

The management consulting industry has grown by leaps and bounds, so find management consulting publications that can keep you informed, current and competitive. In your business, knowledge and experience command a pretty price, and potential clients must feel confident that you understand their company, industry, people and all the other factors affecting them. Before they award you with a contract, those clients must also believe you possess the best solution and the best plan for ensuring success.

Get your hands on as many business consultant publications as you can to stay abreast of trends, current news and best practices. Management consultancy magazines and other publications will provide you with worthwhile conferences to attend, tips, advice and networking contacts. Consider the following management consulting publication sources:

1. Educate yourself with management consultant publications like books.

2. Subscribe to magazines: management consulting.

3. Take advantage of other management consulting publications.

Subscribe to an online or print consulting to management magazine

You'll read insightful and informative management consulting articles in both online and print magazines.

Search for other management consulting publications to get in-depth information on specific topics

Dig deeper into topics that really interest you with management consulting publications like white papers, reports, reviews and articles.
California Management Review, a publication that works to bridge the gap between management students and practitioners. Three areas critical to the publication include Strategy and Organization, Global Competition and Competitiveness and Business and Public Policy.

Use management consulting publications that provide quick, concise information

Consider newsletters, specific articles and helpful hint publications as other sources of valuable information.
  • If you're serious about finding great journals for management consultants, don't waste time looking for The Journal of Management Consulting, later titled C2M: Consulting To Management. After an on-again, off-again life, the Institute of Management Consultants USA consulting to management journal stopped publication late in 2006. With no other management consulting journal readily available, look for appropriate journals within the industry you consult for.
  • Purchase the book "What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Became Even More Successful," by Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith. In his 2007 book, Goldsmith singles out 20 bad habits that can stifle successful people and keep them from moving to the next level.

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