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Management Theory of Abraham Maslow Basics

Lesley Graybeal

Understand the key ideas behind Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a key foundational principle of Maslow on management, stipulating that no person is able to perform higher order tasks when certain prior levels of needs are not met. Maslow believed that people perform at the highest level of productivity and quality when they have met the highest level need of self actualization.

While Abraham Maslow theory has been applied in a wide range of disciplines, behaviorist management theory is one of the most common places to use Maslow's concepts. The management theory of Abraham Maslow basics require knowledge of a few core areas, including Maslow's biography and influences, his key ideas and his scholarly work.

When getting to know the management theory of Abraham Maslow basics, consider the following resources:

  1. Get to know Maslow business theory through biographical information;
  2. Learn key concepts and terms used in Maslow management theory;
  3. Become familiar with basic works by and about Abraham Maslow.

Learn the basics of Abraham Maslow management theory by getting to know Maslow's life

Much of Abraham Maslow management theory basics can be understood through an overview of Maslow's life and academic career as a psychologist. Maslow contributed to a more humanistic brand of psychology and organizational theory that emerged in the 1960s, but placed human needs at the center of theorizing.

Use key terms and diagrams to understand Maslow business theory

Most of the Maslow management theories are applied versions of Maslow's work in psychology, and as such, require some specialized knowledge of terms and concepts. In Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, for example, an important basic concept is understanding how physical, safety, acceptance and esteem needs stack up.

Read and become aware of major Maslow management theory publications

Maslow published a number of books and articles in his lifetime to explain his own ideas about human psychology. A number of books are in print by or about Maslow that specifically deal with motivation theories and other Maslow business concepts. Some shorter articles are also available to help you understand Maslow's theories and how they can be applied.

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Lesley Graybeal