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Management Theory of Igor Ansoff

Jeanne Dininni

The Igor Ansoff strategic management theory can bring focus and direction to your business

Igor Ansoff has been called the "Father of Strategic Management." A pioneer in his field, Ansoff developed a number of completely new corporate management concepts, combining them with earlier strategic management methods already in use to create a new strategic management paradigm. Through his work, strategic planning became an established management activity.

Among other things, Ansoff's theory addressed the 5 levels of turbulence which he determined to be present in the business environment. According to his theory, to be effective, a company's strategy needs to match the level of turbulence present in its environment. Because your company's turbulence level so strongly impacts its strategy, understanding these levels can give you a good start in developing a more profitable business. Ansoff's 5 levels of environmental turbulence follow.

1. Repetitive: slow, predictable change

2. Expanding: gradual growth, marketplace stability

3. Changing: incremental growth, varying requirements

4. Discontinuous: both predictable and complex change exist together

5. Surprising: unpredictable change which both spawns and stems from new products/services

Understand the concepts of Ansoff's management theory and how management strategy can benefit you

Obtaining a thorough background in the management theory of Igor Ansoff can provide a launch pad for developing an effective strategic management plan for your business.

Take advantage of consulting services that can help give you greater insight into Ansoff theory

Strategic management consulting firms provide experts who have enough knowledge and experience in strategic planning methods such as Ansoff's management theory to help you incorporate those methods into your own company's environment. Their guidance can prove extremely useful to new businesses or business owners who have little experience with strategic management theories.

Access online tools to help you put the management theory of Igor Ansoff into practice

A number of tools available online make the job of implementing the various aspects of Igor Ansoff management theory a much simpler process.

Get training in strategic management that will help you better implement Ansoff theory

The Igor Ansoff strategic management theory is a complex topic, as is strategic management in general. Yet, an effective approach to strategic management is critical to your company's success. So, plan to take advantage of available training opportunities for both you and your staff.

  • Never underestimate the value of effective strategic management to your company. Because of its intrinsic importance to the day-to-day operation of your business--as well as to its long-term success--it would be advisable for you to seek every avenue of opportunity for improving your understanding of the topic. If your budget is small, take advantage of free information and tools available online and consider advancing to paid training or consulting services when they become more affordable to you.
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Jeanne Dininni