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Ken Blanchard made his name with his "One Minute Manager" series. Blanchard management style is based on two four-category ...

Ken Blanchard made his name with his "One Minute Manager" series. Blanchard management style is based on two four-category modes of analysis: Low competence, low commitment (D1); low competence, high commitment (D2); high competence, low commitment (D3); high competence, high commitment (D4. The second four-category mode is for leadership styles: directing (S1), coaching (S2), supporting (S3), and delegating (S4).

The management theory of Ken Blanchard additionally demonstrates that different leadership styles are needed for different business situations. Ken Blanchard proposes business solutions based on using his categories and mixing and matching the appropriate leadership styles to solve management problems.

1. Business orientation should fit leadership style.

2. Blanchard's gung ho theory focuses a lot on empowering employees in order to release their strengths for the betterment of the business and its productivity.

3. Kenneth Blanchard and his company publishes books from other management authors, gives web seminars on management and advertises seminars and company assessments.

Jump into action with Blanchard management information

Ken Blanchard is one of the gurus of business management. He is a writer and speaker on management styles. His theory is highly influential in the business world.

Invest in Ken Blanchard management theory consulting

Having a consultant assess your company's business practices with the Ken Blanchard management theory can empower your staff and strengthen the company's productivity. Consultants can give you management solutions that are not obvious to you.

Train your company's leaders in Blanchard management techniques

Your are never too old to learn and you never want to go stale because you do not refine your leadership skills. Training workshops or web seminars are good investments to keep your managers up to speed in business management techniques.
  • You can find many articles on business management, including the Ken Blanchard management theory in well-known business magazines--but there are hidden gems, as well, in business management trade magazines, which give free subscriptions.

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