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The management theory of Paul Hersey was developed in conjunction with another management guru, Ken Blanchard. Hersey's management ...

The management theory of Paul Hersey was developed in conjunction with another management guru, Ken Blanchard. Hersey's management theory boils down to the need for leaders to change leadership styles as situations warrant, and that, as leaders, they must recognize that employees have different levels of development. The style of leadership should mesh with the stage of employee development.

Hersey's theory also states that it is the leader who has to change his style to work with the employee--not the employee changing his style for the leader. Hersey says that situational leadership is a model and not a theory. In his thinking, a model can be applied to real life situations, while theories are for analysis rather than application.

1. Paul Hersey's theory of situational leadership proposes that leaders are not born and can be made with the training.

2. Hersey's management theory of organizational behavior benefits employees and the company because the adaptable management style allows employees at any stage of development to grow.

3. Employee development levels are based on commitment and competence. Leadership styles are directing, coaching, supporting and delegating.

Find the model for management theory of Paul Hersey

Situational leadership's model is easy to understand because it is based on four simple points. Hersey says the simplicity is part of the reason why situational leadership works.

Find a course or seminar that uses situational leadership theory

Taking a course or seminar, or going to a lecture can improve your leadership skills and benefit you, your company and your employees.

Get certified in situational leadership theory

If you are a consultant, inspirational speaker, or life coach training in situational leadership will help your clients and help you and your business.
Project Leadership. In this program, based on Hersey's work, students can earn a certificate in situational leadership training. MLCP offers situational leadership training for people who want to consult or coach. This, too, is built on the management theory of Paul Hersey.
  • Paul Hersey says that situational leadership requires leaders to connect with their employees. The higher up one goes on the corporate ladder, the less connection leaders have to the people working for them. The underlying suggestion is that it is important to retain connections at each stage of promotion.

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