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Management Theory of Peter Senge

Geraldine McGowan

The Peter Senge learning theory for businesses

Senge management theories are influential, academic theories that focus on organizations creating environments where people -- both leaders and subordinates -- are learning. The Peter Senge theory of learning organizations creates an environment where people are engaged in their work and committed to the vision of the organization.

The management theory of Peter Senge is dense with factors that include thinking intuitively and going beyond the basic framework of the organization. A Peter Senge learning organization requires new kinds of leadership models.

1. Peter Senge mental models reflect his belief that the way we process information, the way we see reality, is often wrong. This theory also suggests that we keep viewing the world the same way over and over again, when we should be responding to situations in different ways.

2. Peter Senge theories are written for practicing and aspiring managers. His work is to help managers turn their organizations into learning organizations.

3. The Peter Senge systems thinking believes that in order for organizations to excel in todays climate, they need to be creative and self-sustaining. If organizations are consistently learning, they will be adapting to the new information and changes that are a constant in today's world.

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Peter Senge's theories on organizations are elaborate, deep and philosophical. They are structured to turn organizations into dynamic bodies that promote creative thinking and employee commitment to the visions of the organizations.

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The Senge management theories can help kick start your organization into a more dynamic mode of functioning. There are experts in this field that can help you and your company.

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Peter Senge is considered a management hero and guru. His work has had a huge impact on management theory. Even if you do not want to get a consultant to help you with your organization, having articles at hand to refer to can be an enormous help.
  • Peter Senge's "The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook" provides a step-by-step strategy to turn your company into a learning organization. It has a practical application of the Senge management theory principles.
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Geraldine McGowan