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Management theory of Rensis Likert education and training offers essential workplace tools to broaden organizational skills. Rensis ...

Management theory of Rensis Likert education and training offers essential workplace tools to broaden organizational skills. Rensis Likert developed a foundational management model that teaches the four different types of relationships between leadership and subordinates in the workplace, which are exploitative, benevolent, consultative and participative. Another widespread type of organizational tool attributed to Likert theory, is the 5-point assessment scale used to gage employee satisfaction.

Educational programs can provide the fundamental steps to apply Likert's management systems in the organizational setting. However, it’s best to decide on a specific course of action to learn about core concepts in Likert's management system. Management professionals who seek to tackle the challenges of the workforce often benefit immediately from studying Rensis Likert management theory. Consider Likert management styles to address organizational challenges faced by many business leaders. Take into account the following:

1. Study an introduction to the fundamentals of the Likert system.

2. Locate training materials and resources on participative management theory.

3. Employ Rensis Likert theory to handle organizational obstacles to employee training.

Learn the different management theories developed by Rensis Likert

Rensis Likert was an organizational psychologist that changed the practices in many businesses. Learn the four different management types developed by Rensis Likert, the Likert scale and participative management theory.

Examine training resources on Likert participative management

Participative management theory explores the principles that encourage employee participation in the decision making process, increases in productivity levels and overall job satisfaction. There are educational materials available online that provides information taught in management schools for those who may not be able to attend a traditional program.

Review organizational examples of Likert's management system

View how different businesses model Likert participative management in its daily operations. Study information about Likert participative management theory in a wide variety of industries. The Likert system makes it simple to use in a broad range of organizations.
  • Many textbooks cover Rensis Likert's groundbreaking management research, which occurred in the 1960s. There maybe some difficulty in accessing online training materials that focus solely on his work due to more recent management theory methods available.

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