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Robert Mager is an educator and expert in the field of training and business performance. Mager's management theory is based on ...

Robert Mager is an educator and expert in the field of training and business performance. Mager's management theory is based on improving employee performance by using a business oriented form of behavioral psychology. Robert Mager criterion referenced instruction is a self-paced training program, where learners can work at their own pace.

Robert Mager is also well known for instructional design. His courses include self-testing modes, study skills and practice lessons. His training courses save businesses money because they are online.

1. Robert Mager's learning model is based on three parts: Objective, conditions and criterion.

2. Objectives are the stated goals for the trainee. Conditions concerns that environment under which the goals are met. Criterion refers to the expected level of performing the objective.

3. Trainees learn in group study conditions, or by computer-based e-learning courses, or through a teacher led workshop.

4. Robert Mager's theory of learning is applicable for any subject and is used for education courses, too.

Learn to design your own online lessons using Mager's management theory

In order to keep up with the constant change in business, full-time training capabilities will be important to you. Learning how to create your own courses using Robert Mager's theory or having an instructional designer on staff would make sense.
San Diego State University Department of Educational Technology gives information on criterion-referenced instruction, developed by Robert Mager.

Hire companies that provide learning using Mager's management theory

Robert Mager criterion referenced instruction gives trainees a sense of empowerment in their roles as learners. Trainees self-pace their learning. The expectations for the new training and the level of competence required is stated to trainees at the outset. Also, by using this method of training, especially if it is done through e-courses, companies save money.

Understand the underlying components of Robert Mager's theory and benefit your company

Applying the management theory of Robert Mager to other aspects of business is a helpful tool for human resources. If jobs are positioned using performance management models by Robert Mager, employees will know at the outset the objectives of their job, the conditions under which the job is performed and the expected quality of the performed objective. This way there are no surprises for either manager or staff.
  • The management theory of Robert Mager will be used more frequently as technology changes. It is already an integral part of higher education. Instructional designers creating programs using his principles will become increasingly in more demand.

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